Doctor Who 04/05/2013 Recap and Review

Doctor Who 04/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Doctor who 04/05/2013 which was titled as "The Crimson Horror" was a good episode that focused less on the doctor.The show also included the return of Jenny Strax and Madame Vastra which was good to see.Read on for the complete Recap and Review of the show but please remember the following might include a few spoilers.

Doctor Who 04/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Doctor Who on 04/05/2013 started with Jenny Strax and Madame Vastra making their way towards north Yorkshire to solve a mystery in regards to Winifred Gillyflower,her blind daughter Ada and the industrial town of Sweetville which had a scary red disease and a population of people who never left.

A Journalist who investigated Sweetville died pretty horrifically which ended with the Crononer later showing the dead man's skin as bright red to his twin brother.

The brother then went to the Victorian detective,Madame Vastra for help and asked her if she thought a dead person's eye could capture the image of the last thing they saw before passing on.He then showed her a photo which Vastra and Jeny enlarged to find out the doc staring back at them.

Sweetville is known to take only pretty people which meant Vastra and Strax didn't have a chance to get through.They then decided to send Jenny,who met Mrs Gillyflower and her blind daughter,Ada.At this scene it was revealed that Ada had a secret which was,that She took food to a locked door where she talked to her "Monster"

Jenny's investigation revealed that people were being dipped into a red liquid and she ended up finding out more after she broke into the room where Ada kept her monster.What she found was to an extent expected.

She found the doc who was bright red,unable to walk but thankfully was alive,Jenny then helped the doctor escape as he used the sonic to de-red himself.

Jenny asked the Doc what he was doing there to which he responded that he had meant to take Clara to London but ended up in Sweetville and  met the investigative journalist.It was further revealed that Team Tardis enrolled in the town as a married couple.

At Sweetville they discovered people kept in glass bell jars.The doc and Clara were loaded up and dipped in the red liquid which ended up with a different reaction to the doc as he was an alien.Ada then locked him in the cell.Now they had to find out where Clara was.Jenny pointed out that Clara died at Christimas.The Doc avoided her questions just as they were attacked by Sweetville residence.

Jenny then immediately pulled off her dress and revealed her Ninja clothes and bashed down the guards.The doc and Jenny then found Clara preserved in one of the bell jars.They eventually broke her out and woke her up which ended with Jenny confused about how Clara could still be alive but the Doc as he has done throughout the show on 04/05/2013 decided to ignore the question again.

Strax then drove Vastra up to Sweetville but got lost in the way,Fortunately she found a street urchin and Human GPS Thomas.Vastra managed to identify the red substance and claimed it to be a poison from prehistoric times.

The group then confronted Mrs Gillyflower and it was revealed that Mr. Sweet actually secreted the poison and woke up people in bell jars to restart the human race.

The Doc then ended up making Ada angry after finding out that her blindness was caused by her mother's experimentation with poison.Meanwhile,The gang chased Mrs Gillyflower into a stairwell where she ended up falling and died as Mr. Sweet abandoned her. 

The Doc then spoke about  what he’ll do with the creature, but Ada ended up solving his problem as she beat the creature with a cane.The doc then dropped Clara back off in modern times where she saw a few photos from her adventures of the past few weeks on a computer. 

The children she was a nanny for ended up threatening her that they will end up telling on her if she did not take them on time traveling as well.That's it for the recap and review of this popular British science fiction television show that aired on 04/05/2013.

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