Far Cry 3: Harvest The Jungle - Mission Objectives

Far Cry 3: Harvest The Jungle Mission Objectives

Far Cry 3 Harvest the jungle mission objectives were quite fun.Its amazing how the developers have worked well to bring the franchise back on track after the 2nd installment turned out to be a very poor one.The graphics and gameplay until now have been very impressive and i am expecting a lot more from it as i continue to play towards the end.Below is what you need to do to complete this part of the game.
  • Use a car to reach the hunting ground
  • Eliminate and skin 2 boars.
  • Collect three types of plants from the hunting ground.
  • Talk to Dennis.
  • Go through a tutorial via the menu to learn how to craft synergies.
  • Learn to craft medicine
  • Learn on how to craft a loot rucksack.
  • Get back into the truck.
This was  One of the most beautiful levels in any game i have played in the recent past.The main aim of the player within this part is to go to a hunting ground via a vehicle nearby to complete a list of tasks.I found it a bit tough when i was trying to find a couple of plants but eventually found it underwater in the pond nearby.

After killing an initial boar i found it hard to find another one but fortunately the second one came charging towards me.The following is what needs to be collected throughout the section of the game.
  • 1 Read Leaf
  • 2 Green Leaves
  • 1 Blue Leaf
  • 2 Boar Skins
Although the level is simple as the targets are marked in the mini map you might need to do a little bit more before you actually find what your looking for.Have a look at a few pictures and a video from the level below.


Trees and Grass


Driving a car


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