Far Cry 3: The Medusa's Call Mission Objectives

Far Cry 3: The Medusa's call was the sixth mission  in this  first-person shooter video game.  The level begins with  Jason managing to save Daisy's life, after which he makes an agreement with Dr. Earnhardt to let his friends stay at his home in order to stay away from the clutches of Vaas.  Lets take a closer look at the Far Cry 3: The Medusa's Call Mission Objectives.
  • Reach Medusa
  • Avoid Being detected and use stealth to kill enemies.
  • Approach the control room.
  • Eliminate the reinforcements at the beach.

Mini Walkthrough and Objectives

  • Leave Dr. Earnhardt's home and fast travel to Amakai Outpost to the east.  
  • Find a Vehicle and drive towards the location highlighted on the map.
  • Avoid Detection.
  • Throw Rocks to distract enemies and eliminate them.
  • Obtain the intels off three enemies.
  • Go to the control room and activate the radio to listen to the conversation.
  • Get out of the control room and blast your way through the enemies horde to complete the level.


Beginning of the level


Eliminating the pirates




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