Far Cry 3: Secure the Outpost Mission Objectives

Far Cry 3: Secure the Outpost Mission Objectives

Far Cry 3: Secure the Outpost Mission objectives were not many but were quite fun to achieve.The level started off where the previous one left off,With a player speaking to Dennis who helps to pursue the search for Liza.

This section of the game was too short for my liking as i was able to complete it in less than a couple of hours,the storyline however has been excellent until now which was something i expected after i saw the trailer,post which i purchased the game with great expectations.Lets now have a look at the mini walkthrough.

Please bear in mind that what you will read below might include spoilers.

The main objective of the level is to

  • Eliminate the pirates
  • Search for Liza in the main building
The best part of the game revolves around eliminating the pirates.The eye candy within this section of the game were the best as they worked out quite well with my Mid Range Graphics Card (AMD 6670 HD) The list of a few pointers below will help you achieve bonus xp.

A few pointers to achieve Bonus XP

While taking out the pirates ensure you crouch up to the enemies and eliminate them quietly.If this is followed throughout (once every pirate has been eliminated) you will be able to achieve the Bonus XP depending on if you have been deducted or escaped undetected.

Once you complete the above,the next part of the video game follows around the search for Liza in the main building.At the end you will realize she is no where to be found Which is OK.Just bear in mind that the Ninja Step Skill in The spider skilltree might not be updated on PC even if you end up being undetected throughout.



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