Full Xbox one Features

Full Xbox one Features

Xbox 360
If you are a gamer and were looking forward for something new this season then you must have surely heard about the event on 21/05/2013 where Microsoft revealed the official details about their upcoming console.  While there are quite a few features which are impressive others don't look to be too impressive, with that being said lets now take a closer look at the Full Xbox one features you can expect from the upcoming creation by Microsoft.

Full Xbox One Features

Being a 360 owner myself, i never liked the idea of having to pay for a monthly subscription for using common features within the consoles such as Watching a video on YouTube, using the internet etc.  The upcoming console takes things a step further.  Don't believe me? Read on

 So, How does this affect Gaming?

Being a Gaming console, Xbox One is expected to be a treat for Video Game lovers but Microsoft have confirmed that the console will be region locked, which means no gamers would be able to play any title that has been purchased from a different location.  Basically, The game's software needs to match console's hardware region to play.

However one of the best Xbox features is the 8 Core CPU along with 8GB system memory, which will more than enough for hardcore gamers to have tears rolling down their eyes as they look at the pleasing eye Candy they get out of the console.

Internet Connection required every 24 Hours, Really?

The rumors look to be almost true, earlier it was reported that the upcoming next gen console will require a permanent internet connection but reports are now emerging  that the gamers would require to be online every 24 hours to have an uninterrupted experience.

Time to throw old games out

It's obvious Microsoft are looking forward, hence there is no backwards compatibility in Xbox one.  While this might be disappointing for many the feature is actually not that bad as long as the new games turn out to be cheap and the console performs as it's promised.  

On a positive note, your gamertag and gamerscore will carry forward.


One of the best features of Xbox one is the flexibility of using the applications, Switching between the application will finally be lag free even if you are between a game.  You will be able to switch between watching live television, Listen to Music or anything you would like to do through a few voice commands.

Kinect 2.0 

The console will come with an all new Kinect Sensor that supports 1080p video at 30 frames per seconds.  Skype Calls, Video will now have a capability to be captured at 60 frames per second.  It is also expected to work in a dark place and has a capability of detecting your heartbeat, rotations in the wrist or shoulder.  While all the features are good, whats not good is that Kinect 2.0 needs to be connected all the time for gaming not to be interrupted.

Release date

After revealing a lot of Xbox One features Microsoft didn't announce the release date of this anticipated console but from what is believed it must be up for grabs later this year,  It will now be interesting to see when they finally decide to announce the official release date.

With so many new features, Xbox one is all set to unleash a whole new era of gaming along with a lot of flexibility which is expected to take gaming to the next level.

What are your thoughts about the Full Xbox one Features?


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