Game of Thrones 05/05/2013 - Recap,Review and Analysis

Game of Thrones 05/05/2013 - Recap,Review and Analysis (S3E6)

Game of Thrones 05/05/2013 which was the S3E6 (Season 3 Episode 6) included a few intriguing moments on Sunday Night but looked to be a drag for most parts of it as i felt the episode was not able to deliver what it actually meant too.Read on for the full Recap,Review and Analysis of this Epic Fantasy TV Show.Please bear in mind the below might contain spoilers.

Game of Thrones 05/05/2013 - Recap and Review

North of the Wall

The first scene of the Game of thrones (S3E6 2013) episode revolved around Tormund leading from the front as his team of Wildings followed him on what looked like a torturous climb up the 700 foot tall barrier that separated the Northen Wildings from the rest.

Jon hadn't yet declared his feelings for Ygritte after they reignited their relationship last week.She set everything up for him tonight as they tied the crampons to their boots.She was aware that Jon was still loyal to the night's watch and realized how conflicted he felt after sleeping with her.

Ygritte however didn't seem to care much who Jon was Loyal too until he was loyal to her first.The next scene focused on climbing the big wall.This part of the show included impressive visuals during the climb.

As expected their were many deaths during the climb especially when Ygritte cracked the ice and sent most of the followers falling down to their deaths.Orell ended up loosening Ygritte and Jon to protect himself from the fall.

Jon however managed to plant his ice pick and grabbed the rope to prevent Ygritte from falling.They are truly in love aren't they?

They finally made it to the top of the wall as they looked out over all of Westeros.

Brotherhood without Banners 

Looking at this section of the Game of Thrones S3E6 (2013) Arya was given proper training on how to shoot a bow by Anguy.Who better to teach her than Anguy?

Meanwhile Melisandre ended up scolding Thoros for failing his mission to convert King Robert into a true believer in the lord of light.She claimed him to be a lazy drunk,unworthy of being a red priest to which Thoros seemd to agree as well.

Thoros had lost his faith as soon as he arrived in Westeros but found it again when a reflexive prayer over the dead body of his friend Beric was actually answered.Melisandre was shocked to see Beric and claimed it to be be impossible to bring him back from death so many times.When Beric claimed death to be nothing but darkness,Melisandre ended up looking dejected which she has never been before.Considering she was a woman who drank poison for breakfast and gave birth to the lethal shadow monsters before lunch this was unusual.This was actually good to see.

She donated two big bags of gold to the Brotherhood to get Genry off their hands (In chains) She needed the blood of the king and Gendry was one of Robert's few remaining bastards.Arya once again protested to the hypocrisy of a brotherhood.She faced off against Melisandre and to my surprise the red woman actually seemed to fear her.

I was happy to see this part of Game of Thrones moving forward.I cant wait to see what happens further.

Harenhall- Game of Thrones 05/05/2013

Lets now turn our focus to Brienne and Jaime who were in their dinner attire having a meal alongside Roose Bolten.She is so polite isn't she,especially considering the dress she gave to Brienne?

Jaime struggled to slice the steak with one had which made Brienne Unhappy as she ended up smirking all the time.Roose Bolton told them that she was planning on selling Jaime back to Tywin for a chance to attain friendship with Lannisters whereas Brienne would be held and tried as a traitor against King Rob.


At Riverrun the king in the north was the host for the twin emissaries from Walder frey,who had three demands before he was ready to give Robb the men he needed if he wanted to loot Casterly Rock.The below were the list of his demands.
  • An apology (Completed) 
  • To become the lorn of Harrenhall after the war (Completed)
  • Edmure (Robb's uncle) to Marry his daughter (Completed)
All the demands were fulfilled the only thing left for them now was to Rock n Roll at Casterly Rock.

Kings Landing - Game of Thrones 05/05/2013

At the Kings Landing scene in game of thrones we see Lady Olenna paying a visit to Tywin at his office.She stressed not to force Loras to Marry Cersei.After a bit of an argument which was totally irrelevant they finally came back to the real issue 

She claimed that Cersei was old and there were very slim chances she would be able to make babies and incase she couldn't Tyrell would be without an Heir.Worried about an Heir?,Tywin Asked.

He threatened to appoint Loras to the Kingsguard which will prevent its members from inheriting property or having children that will ensure there would be no heir.After hearing this Olenna finally gives in.Guess its time now for them to hire a wedding planner.

Loras and Sansa were shown discussing their betrothal.Both of them tried to keep their emotions in tact rather then showing it out.They then spoke about clothing,Fabrics and colors.This part of the show looked like a filler to fill up the time a TV Show is given when it airs.

Cersei and Tyrion pity the situation they were in.Tyrion was still looking for answers if Cersei was trying to get him killed.He asked his sister about the same who passed on the blame to Joffery which looked unlikely.Depiste Joffrey wanting him dead he wouldn't do something as stupid as this since his grand father was in town.

Tyrion decided to deliver the bad news to Sansa,as he found Shae in her company who had no plans to leave the scene ended up turning awkward.The scene did not show Tyrion announcing the engagement.It will be interesting to see what reactions of Sansa and Shae ended up being next week at Game on thrones.

The big final scene showed Varys and Belish meeting in the Throne Room.Varys was ready to brag about how he maneuvered Sansa from Littlefinger's grasp.Sansa was shown with tears rolling down her eyes as she watched Belish' ship (her last hope to escape from the Lannisters) sailing without her.

In the next scene we get to see Ros,Revealed as Varys' informant,tied to Joffrey's bed and penentrated with crossbow bolts as Littlefinger had already sold her due to revenge.

A speech is then shown where they speak about the philosophies of two schemers.That it for my recap and review of the show that aired on 05/05/2013.

Please note that Game of Thrones 05/05/2013 Recap,Review and analysis that i have written might include a few portions of the show that might be missing to minimize spoilers but i have managed to cover most part of it.Hope you Enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts about the Epic fantasy television series Game of Thrones 05/05/2013 Recap,Review and analysis?


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