Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 Recap

Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis (S3E7)

Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 started with a lot of love. Looking at the previous episode what we know so far is that Sansa was in love with Loras, Tyrion was in love with Shae while Jaime and Brienne loved each other and also there was a part about Robb's feelings about Talisa. Read on for complete Recap, Review and Analysis of the Epic Fantasy Drama show "Game of Thrones" that aired on Sunday Night (12/05/2013).

Please Note below will include spoilers .

Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 - S3E7 Recap

The Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 S3E7  kicked off with Robb proceeding to see his uncle Marry . He slowed down considerably due to bad weather. His mom then tormented him about the Freys being annoyed.

To end the argument Robb finally said "We Should all get some sleep."

TVHis mom ended up giving him an inappropriate  stare as she looked back before she exited his tent. This followed with an intimate scene between Robb and Talisa as Robb looked visibly hungry for some love.

Robb then Said "How am i supposed to sit here planning a war when you're there looking like that." 

While writing a letter to her mother Talisa said that she would someday tell her about her marriage to Robb and also about her child.Robb was surprised to know that she was pregnant.

Talisa then told him "I have a little prince or princess inside me."

South of the Wall

At the south of the wall during Game of thrones 12/05/2013, Ygritte was seen doing his favorite pastime of mocking Jon show as they headed back to Castle black. She mocked him about his Southie stiff demeanor and his armies,drums and Roads. After looking at a windmill Ygritte ended up losing her mind. She didn't know what the words "swoon" or "fainting" meant. They explored a little more further south which revealed that Ygritte might find it hard to adjust to the life in the big city.

Another revelation during Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 showed that Orell was looking to have Ygritte all for himself and had also warned her about Jon. He said "You won't love him so much when you find out what he really is."

Jon snow after getting sick of being told he doesn't know anything tried to explain Ygritte about the Westeros as he said "You won't win." He also revealed that the wildings had invaded south of the wall six times but never won. Ygritte finally had something new to hear!

Ygritte ended up saying Jon that he will die too if he is with them as she claimed "You're mine and i'm yours." "and if we die,we die. But first we'll live."

Kings Landing

At the Kings Landing during Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 episode, another scene showed Sansa claiming that she was stupid as she said to Margaery "I'm stupid..stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns." she looked excited to see the Kings Landing and the painted Armour all around."

Margaery tried to make her feel better about Sansa being engaged to Tyrion. She also made her realize how handsome nice and powerful her fiance was and also claimed him to be far better than the worst Lannister. 

Margaery also told her "Most Women don't know what they like before they've tried it" and added that Tyrion might impress her with his experience. 

Sansa then asked "how do you know all this?" "Did your mother teach you?"

At this point Margaery finally realized there was no point going further in trying to explain everything in detail to sansa and ended the conversation by saying "Yes, My Sweet Girl, my mother taught me."

Meanwhile Tyrion was seen grumbling about getting Sansa married to Bronn. Bronn on the other hand didn't seem to see the problem and said "You'll have two women and whole kingdom."

Tyrion countered by saying "Two Women to despise me and whole kingdom to join them."

Later on Tyrion met his Mistress Shae who felt he should run off with her. She hated the gold necklace she was given as she wasn't able to wear something out of the ordinary in public. She also opposed the idea of having Tyrion's kids in secret as she said "I'm your Whore and when you are tired of me,I will be nothing."

Throne Room

At the Throne Room during the Game of Thrones 12/05/2013 (Season 3 Episode 7)  Tywin walked through the room as he was strengthened by the members of the gold cloaks as Joffrey had summoned him. He seemed to be irritated for not being kept informed about the small council business.

Tywin walked up to Joffrey and explained that he had been more productive while he  worked from home. Joffrey then asked him about Dany and her dragons to which Tywim explained that the dragons went extinct as they got smaller and weaker which meant that the existing dragons would not pose much of a threat. Tywin said "Curiosities on the far side of the world are no threat to us."

Joffrey then irritatedly replied by saying "I Should be consulted about such things."

The next scene showed Ser Jorah and Dany Gazing down at the distant metropolis. In am important sequence the Emmissary entered Dany's tent  which showcased a few semi-grown dragons. Dany ends up looking like a queen while she was being flanked by her dragons and advisers as she sat on a comfortable couch.

The Emissary looked visibly nervous and offered her a chest filled with gold and a fleet of ships to leave the city alone. She rejected the offer by saying that she will spare the life of the city if they release every slave with restitution and supplies and further added  "Reject this gift and i shall show you no mercy." Despite the big lecture she kept the gold anyway which is what i expected .


Two girls servants looking like devils took down Theon from his cross beams and gave him a drink and seduced him. Theon Realized soon enough that this was a trap as he knew the boy would have told the girls to do this.

The boy then interrupted with knife in his hand and looked wicked. He further claimed that Theon's private part was the most precious and he proposed a few alterations to it after which "Thankfully" the screen faded away. Weird scene!


Jaime with a heavy heart said goodbye to Brienne as he had no choice. She said that if he promised to return the stark girls she would consider his debt paid to which Jaime swore.

At the hilltop Jaime spoke to Qyburn and learnt that the former maester lost his doctor's license because of his horrific experiments on people. He also came to know that Brienne's father's ransom offer was rejected because of a lie by Jaime to save herself from being raped.

Jaime decided to return to Brienne and manipulated he Guards of Bolton as he asked them to return to Harrenhall. Upon reaching, Jaime heard Locke's men singing "The Bear and Maiden Fair." She was seen in the pit with a bear. Jaime pointed out to Locke that he only gave her a wooden sword to defend herself to which Locke replies "We got one bear!"

Jaime ended up jumping in the pit because of his undying love for Brienne and refused to come out until Brienne was pulled out safely. He eventually managed to make it out safe just about at the nick of time.That's it for my recap and Review of Game of Thrones 12/05/2013.Hope you Enjoyed it!

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