Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 Recap

Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 Recap, Review and Analysis

At Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8 that aired on 19/05/2013 the main focus revolved around Tyrion and Sansa's awkward wedding and Melisandre's trap for Gendry.  The epic fantasy drama series once again lived up to its expectations of being one of the best TV Shows.  Read on for the complete Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 Recap.

Please note: Below will contain spoilers.

Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 Recap

At the woods Arya was seen waking up with her ugly nails.  She grabbed a rock and was just about to smash it on her captor "The Hound" but unfortunately for he woke up and told her "I'll give you one try, girl. Kill me and you're free. But if I live, I'll break both your hands." Arya decided to leave the hound alone.

A scene at Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 later on showed the Hound riding a horse with Arya who was awkwardly sitting in front of him.  It was evident that Arya thought that The Hound was not a nice guy but we know better don't we?  

The hound revealed he was actually taking Arya to meet her brother Robb and her mom at her uncle's wedding at the Twins. 


The city of Yunkai had hired a sellsword company called as Second sons which ser Barriston confidently said was "Enough to make a difference" during a fight.  Dany wanted to meet their leader named Titan's Bastard.

The next scene of the show saw the Titan Bastard arriving at Dany's tent.  He said Dany reminded him of a prostitute and ordered to see her naked to find out if she was really worth fighting for.  The second sons then argued that they should uphold their contract to the city of Yunkai to which Dany responded by saying "A fortnight ago i had no army.  A year ago i had no dragons."  She then ended up giving them a couple of days to think over it.

At the second sons camp, Daario and others discussed about the positives of whores and no-whores.  Daario said he fought for beauty.  Titan's bastard made plans to sneak into Dany's camp to assassinate  her.  He then asked the girl to pass three coins and said that whoever drew a certain coin would have to do it.  


In another scene at the Dragonstone in Game of thrones on 19/05/2013, Genry was presented in front of Stannis  who was not very comfortable to sacrifice the boy to the fire god.  Stannis asked "What one Bastard boy against a kingdom?" and offered to free Davos if no harm was done to Melisandre and ended up challenging Davos.  Melisandre on the other hand was shown plotting to seduce a younger man after she gave Gendry an ocean view room.

During the next scene while Melisandre was getting a little closer and intimate with the young man she said "Come fight death with me" and got a bowl of leeches after which Stannis and Davos entered to find Melisandre naked and Gendry tied to the bed with leeches around his body.

Stannis threw the leeches one by one  into the fire while he said the names of his rivals.

King's Landing

At the king's landing in Game of Thrones Tyrion visited Sansa for the much awaited wedding.  Tyrion tried to comfort Sansa by saying "I didn't ask for this...You won't be a prisoner after today, you will be my wife."  He further said "I suppose that's a different kind of prison.  Despite efforts by Tyrion Sansa still was very far from being comfortable.

Cersei and Margaery while taking a walk in the Great sept of Baeler spoke to each other with Margery while taking her arm saying "We'll be sisters, you and i, we should be friends."  Margaery didn't look too amused as she hated being touched and reminded Cercei of the story behind Lannister's theme song "The Rains of Castamere."

Cersei concluded the scene by saying "You ever call me sister again, i'll have you strangled in your sleep" and walked away.

At this point Sansa was ready to have a new beginning as she walked down the aisle.  Joffery looked overjoyed.  A hilarious awkward scene then followed where Tyrion was unable to put his bride under a clock of his protection as he was too short,  he ended up asking Sansa to kneel down and was very pissed.

Later, Peter Dinklage's father looked annoyed  after Dinklage was trying to entertain others while being drunk.  Tywin scolded him by saying "Your wife needs a child." "If you're going to give her one you need to perform"

Tyrion then stated "I'm the god of tits and wine." while Loras tried to find comfort with his fiance who was unfortunately Cersei.  Loras  said "My Father once told me..." to which Cersei interrupted and said "Nobody cares what your father once told you." and walked away.

Joffrey made a few empty threats to Sansa after which he tried to get the crowd gathered around for the bedding ceremony where the clothes of the Bride and Groom are stripped.  Tyrion objected the ceremony as he didn't want to be humiliated.

He then pulled out a knife and threatened Joffrey which ended with everyone shutting up.

The next scene of Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 saw tywin defending his son Tyrion by saying "I'm sure Tyrion did not mean to threaten the king." Tyrion quickly assessed the gravity of the situation and called the whole drama as a bad joke.

At the bedchamber Tyrion asked how old Sansa was to which she replied 14...What?...No Way! it was very hard for a game of thrones fan to believe that.  Tyrion said "Talk won't make you any older." as she drank some wine.  While Sansa was getting undressed for Tyrion he stopped her and like a gentleman told her "I won't share your bed...Not until you want me to." Bad Move!

Sansa Replied "And what if i never want you to?"

Back to Yunkai

Going back to Yunkai at the Game of Thrones 19/05/2013 episode Dany is seen taking a bath while being comforted by her translator Missandei.  Daario then entered with a knife and explained her that instead of assassinating her like he was ordered her killed two second sons and brought their heads to pledge his men to her.

He said "I'm the simplest man you'll ever meet."

Daario further said "My Sword is yours, my life is yours, my heart is yours." after Dany gave him a full frontal.

North of the wall

At the north of the wall Sam and Gilly found a cabin in the woods but couldn't build a fire.  They argued about the difference between wink and blink.  Meanwhile there was a loud squawking sound outside which sam went to see and found it to be a white walker.  He tried to fight with his sword but the demon tore it apart.  He eventually managed to find a dragon glass that he found up north and stabbed the white walker.  That's it for my recap of the show that aired on 19/05/2013.

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