God Of War: Ascension 'Primordial Weapons' DLC Details

God Of War: Ascension 'Primordial Weapons' DLC Details

God of War Ascension
God of War Ascension 'Primordial Weapons' DLC will add Armor of Typhon and the Mercenary Blade confirmed Sony. This release by  Sony is a follow up to Armors of Anarchy and Blades of Darkness expansions that were released last week.The company has also released a  visual that showcases the player behavior in the multiplayer mode

The Primordial Weapons DLC of this third person action-adventure video game is now available for purchase through the PlayStation Network and is expected to be priced  close to 2.99$ (I am not completely sure of this). Apart from the free downloadable content armor, The Chimeran Armor is also available and is up for grabs through the PlayStation Network.

As per the graphic visual representation it has been confirmed that approximately 240,861,493 players have been killed since the video game released in March. It has also been confirmed that the players have spent a staggering 3.48 million hours playing the multiplayer mode of the fourth edition of this massively superhit PS3 Exclusive.

What are your thoughts about the God of War Ascension 'Primordial Weapons' DLC?


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