Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

 Iron Man 3

The Iron Man 3 Movie was one of the most anticipated films which i couldn't wait to watch.We rarely get to see a third release of the same franchise but considering the first two releases of the series which turned out to be super hits this one was long time coming.This makes my anticipation of Hangover 3 go even more higher.Read on for my complete Iron Man 3 Movie Review.

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Looking at the Plot i knew what to expect from this Robert Downey Jr. Starrer.Even though it looked like a Typical American Superhero film a lot more was expected from it because of its legacy.I normally don't get my hopes too high when i see movies which release in different parts because most of the time they turn out to ruin the franchise.The best example i can speak about here will be The Amazing Spiderman,I don't even understand what was the point of making something which was the exact replica of the first spiderman release.

While watching Iron Man 3 my worst nightmare became a reality as the movie was entertaining but the story turned out to be super messy especially the portrayal of the Villain Mandarin.The film didn't have anything new to offer and included a few parts that seemed to be closely related to the other films that have released in the recent past such as The Dark Knight Rises,Spiderman Etc.

If you watch it you will find a few scenes where the hero has a mental condition which is caused by events that happened,his inability to fight enemies which makes him go back to the chalk board and recover and come back stronger.Haven't we seen those already?

The end of the film also turned out to be absurd.

If you are in love with the Iron Man franchise like myself you will find this movie just OK and nothing more but if you haven't seen many superhero films you might find this good.I cant even say how bad you might feel if you watch this after reading the comics.

Looking at the positive aspects of the film,you will find the best gadgets and might feel it is visually good.Robert Downey Jr. has once again lived up to the expectations and had his moments which many at the theater seemed to enjoy but unfortunately that was it.

To be honest a little can be expected from the lead when the storyline is this weak.If you are a fan of the series you might end up being disappointed,I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the directors,creators do not end up cancelling the franchise and come back with something much better in the next release..I would rate this a 5/10.

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