Mad Men 05/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Mad Men 05/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Mad Men 05/05/2013 was a Television Show that included the aftermath of what happened last week.This week saw Peggy pleading as she said "I just want everything back the way it was" The show is slowly gathering momentum as the first few episode of the season were pretty average.Read on for the Complete Recap and Review of the Show that aired on Sunday Night.

Mad Men 05/05/2013 - Recap

The American Television Period drama series kicked off with Joan,Pete and Bert meeting a banker who was in the process of doing some kind of an evaluation.The banker left to do some kind of a review of their financial information.

Joan nearly fainted when Pete told her that her portion of the firm would make money worth around $1 Million.She was also told that this will help her make the firm much bigger.Bert on the other hand revealed another great news: he said that the banker had valued SCDP at $11 per share which meant they will get rich pretty soon.

Just as Pete,Joan and Bert celebrated their success in Secret (as the plan to reveal this to the others next day),there were a few people who were conspiring against them.Pete and Bob visited a whorehouse where campbell met his father in law with a prostitute named Ken,who gave an assurance to his colleagues that "Trudy's dad can't reveal anything to his daughter",who was yet to file for divorce.

Pete's misery didn't seem to take an end as  he was bumped from a dinner involving Herb,Don,Their wives,Megan's mother Marie and Roger.Despite Roger not making it to the meal which was actually to let Herb vent out his anger towards the firm to hopefully smooth things over a bit,Don used the time as a chance to tell Herb what he actually thought about him.

Another scene showed Roger having fun with a cute Airline employee named Daisy in order to get account leads.When he finally got the information he took the next step to take a crack at a campaign for Chevy's latest car.His excitement level seemed to be off the roof as he could hardly wait to reveal the news to his SCDP Gang.

Rog returns to office and found out that Don had ended the firm's ties with Jaguar which resulted in Pete getting frustrated before he fell down the stairs and criticizes don for ruining the IPO.Draper was still unaware about the situation!

The next part was filled with all hell breaking loose as Joan pushed the men into the conference room to figure out what's the problem.In the meanwhile Roger announced that they will present to Chevy in Detroit on Friday,because of the excitement,Joan ended up getting totally lost until Don asked her to gather the creative staff in the office.

Joan was very mad with Don as he didn't allow her to sleep with Herb to land them the Jaguar.She said "Honestly Don,If i could deal with him,You can deal with him" as we saw a few angry tears rolling down her eyes.

Another scene showed Pete's father calling him a bluff and pulling vicks' business off SCDP as he told Pete that he could not stand to have someone as pathetic as him around his daughter.Pete tried to reveal everything to Trudy which actually went against him as she demanded him to pack his things and leave for good.

Moving on we see Frank Gleason having pancreatic cancer and plans to leave,Which actually meant Ted and Jim were going to do something out of the ordinary if they wanted to keep the firm in business.Ted freaked out both personally and professionally when Peggy told him "Strong" to which he responded by kissing her.

During the final few moments of Mad Men 05/05/2013 GGC alongside SCDP and a few other firms get set to present to Chevy.Don and Ted ended up at one of the hotels in Detroit during late night before the presentation as neither of them thought they had a chance to grab the business.

Peggy's call to Ted's office upon his return shocked him as she said "We got it.We won Chevy."

That's it for my recap of Mad Men 05/05/2013.Hope you enjoyed it.

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