Mad Men 12/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Mad Men 12/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Mad Men 12/05/2013 named as "Man with a plan" featured Don alone in the elevator that opened up at an unexpected floor. He wanted to go to to the lobby but found himself in the center of an argument in between Sylvia and Arnold. Read out to find out more on the complete Recap and Review of the Show that aired on Sunday Night. Also please bear in mind spoilers will be included.

Mad Men 12/05/2013 Recap

The Argument between Sylvia and Arnold was because of him going on a trip and not taking care of her. Don managed to find the gist of the argument and after a moment of eavesdropping quickly and nervously retreated to the safety of the elevator. 

The merger moved at a fast pace which ended up putting the SCDP offices in chaos. The phones rang, movers carried the furniture as everything ended up happening all at once. Cutler Gleason and Chaough employees wandered around with boxes as they waited for Joan to give out the office and secretary assignments.

A scene of Mad Men 12/05/2013 showed Peggy confronting Don about the merger and asked why he had never even asked her out to lunch while she was gone. This relationship continues to confuse.

The rules of the new agency turned out to be totally different as no one seemed to be waiting for anyone. Pete got a distraction in the middle of the chaos as his mother showed up at his apartment. She thought her husband was still alive but could not analyze where she was.

Pete ended up being a jerk to his mom and missed a meeting with Mohawk because of a little bit of humanity left in him which resulted in him going to check on his mother. Good to see!

Don and Ted were seen trying to figure out their relationship which apparently those watching this TV Show are confused about as well. After having a brief chat with his Colleague and Frank Gleason, Ted flied a plane with Don next to him. Don said "No matter what i say, you're the guy who flew us up here on your own plane," What this means will hopeful be revealed in an upcoming episode .

When Sylvia called don at the office he was almost about to say that he was not in a position to go have fun with her as his company was in between a merger to which she responds "I need you, Nothing else will do." which seemed to be enough to convince Don to forget about the merger.

Don and Sylvia then escaped to sherry-netherland which got stranger as the time passed by. At the hotel room they were in, Don dominated Sylvia as he ordered her to crawl on her hands and knees to find his shoes that were just a few feet away. He also asked her to remove her clothes and wait for him in bed after which he made her wait for long time.

When she finally decided to break off at the end she explained how ashamed she felt. She also had a horrible dream of Don Dying as they ended on the elevator which showed Sylvia exiting while Don continued on to be alone just like he always was.

The episode ended during the early hours of June 6th Morning, After the news of Bobby Kennedy's death Pete thought his mother was going crazy when she tried to tell him what happened. Megan on the other hand weeped profusely for the slain kennedy as Don sat on the other side of the bed while he comforted his wife.That's it for my recap and Review of Mad Men 12/05/2013, Hope you enjoyed it!

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