Mad Men 26/05/2013 Recap

Mad Men 26/05/2013 Recap, Review and Analysis

The main focus of this American television period drama series on Sunday Night was Relationships.  The Season 6 Episode 9 of Mad Men on 26/05/2013 was aptly known as "The Better Half"  as it included a few things i expected but there were quite a few that i didn't expect at all.  The show focused around Henry and Betty getting together, Betty getting together with Don (While his wife was getting kissed by her Costar).  Confused? Good! then we are on the same boat.  Mad Men s6E9 also included a scene with Ted confessing his feelings to Peggy, after which Peggy's relationship with Abe hit rock bottom.  Read on for the complete Mad Men 26/05/2013 Recap but please bear in mind, Spoilers will be included below.

Mad Men 26/05/2013 Recap

The Sunday Night Mad Men episode on 26/05/2013 kicked off with an Argument between Don and Ted regarding the use on the Fleischmann's account, they then called in Peggy who decided to be safe rather than choosing a side to support.  Draper was then seen following Peggy towards her office as he used a very rude tone and asked her to make a decision: "You should try it sometime.  it's what professionals do."

Peggy's Dilemma

Peggy was smart enough not to fall for it but instead called Draper on making her choose between him and ted.  The scene ended with Peggy saying "Well, he never makes me feel this way." to which Don responded "He Doesn't know you."

Ted accused Peggy about touching his hand and smiling at him during the Fleischmann's presentation. To this he said "I never should have kissed you." which resulted in Peggy saying, "I assumed we were forgetting about that." Ted confessed his love to Peggy after which she confessed that she had considered him maybe once or twice.

Now comes the confusion, Peggy Loves Abe Doesn't she?

Peggy could not understand the reason behind Abe refusing to cooperate with the cops after he got stabbed on his way home from the Subway.  After someone threw a rock at the bedroom window she finally got Abe to admit that it was time for them to move to a better place to which Abe responded by saying "Maybe we're not cut out pioneers."  Before leaving for his late night work he asked Peggy to sleep in the parlor if she was freaked.  Freaked is what she was when she ended up inserting a long pocking stick she had for defense in Abe's abdomen when he returned from work early to surprise her.

Going in the Ambulance, Peggy assured Abe he was not going to die.  Abe through the pain and suffering managed to inform Peggy that, as an advertising professional, "Your activities are offensive to my every waking moment," She then asked "Are you breaking yo with me?" Isn't that obvious?

Henry's Jealousy

A scene showed a man asking Betty to sleep with him which ended up making Henry Jealous.  Betty was looking to console herself by proving that she's still got it which finally came in the form of her ex husband who was also visiting Bobby at a summer camp on the same weekend she was there.

Next scene showed Don and Betty hanging out outside the motel room as she asked "Did you find the bottle?" after which they drank and had some fun.

Don then followed Betty back into her room and they got intimate.  She said "I love the way you look at me when you're like this." The scene ended with her speaking about Megan by saying "That poor girl." "She doesn't know that loving you is the worst way to get to you."

Arlene Kisses Megan

At someplace else Megan was seen fending off the affections of her co-star, Arlene.  Megan ended up inviting Arlene over to work as she wound up confessing that she felt very lonely after her marriage, this was a perfect setting for her to hint Arlene to make a move on her and so she did.  Arlene kissed her but Megan retreated after which Arlene left by saying they will pretend nothing ever happened.  Don then returned to see Megan standing on the balcony in her underwear, She told him he hasn't been present in their marriage for some time.  He agreed to it after which he embraced Megan.

Roger and his grandson

At another scene of Mad Men that aired on 26/05/2013 Roger botched an afternoon with his grandson as he wanted to forget about the hurt Kevin had given him but Joan seemed to have other plans as he ended up going to the beach with Bob.  Well that's about it for my Recap of the Show.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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