Mario 3D release date for WII U sometime in october?

Mario 3D release date in October?


Mario 3D Release date for the WII U Console is expected to be sometime in October 2013 confirmed CVG (Based on the discussion with executive level retail representatives) No other details regarding the other features that can be expected from this popular platform game are revealed yet.

The 3D Platformer was already announced by the Nintendo President (Satoru Iwata) in January.The players will get an idea of the gameplay during the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo where the game will be playable between June 11-13.The event will be held at Los Angeles,California.

Mario 3D  is another effort by Nintendo to try and boost sales of WII U as the franchise has done well for them in the past.The good news for those who own the device is that there are quite a few other games set for Launch as well such as Pikmin 3,The Legend of Zelda,Wind Waker HD and the Wonderful 101.

Nintendo's WII U Console has not done very well in the market so far which might be a blessing in disguise for the gamers around as this might prompt the developers to produce more compelling games as the company will really need to step up if they need to compete with the upcoming next gen devices.

I know what i am about to say now might be a long shot or might not be possible but it would have been nice to see the Mario franchise launch on the other consoles as well.I am aware every system has its own unique franchise which ends up releasing as an exclusive to a particular console but at the end of the day there are very few gamers who can possibly get a hand on all available gaming devices in the market.

Well,that's just my thought.I know things will remain how they are and we as gamers will need to end up buying a different device if we really need to play a franchise exclusive.Whats your take on this?

What are your thoughts about the Mario 3D Release date,Are you a fan of the franchise or will you give it a pass?


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