Indiana Pacers Vs Miami Heat Results - 24/05/2013

Indiana Pacers Vs Miami Heat Results - 24/05/2013

The basketball match between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat on 24/05/2013 ended in the favor of the pacers as they took total control at their home court.  In a match that looked evenly contested both the teams gave it their all with the deserving one winning in the end.  Read on for the Indiana Pacers Vs Miami Heat 24/05/2013 Results, Performance Reviews and Highlights.

Statistical Highlights

  • BasketballRoy Hibbert scored 29 points while west knocked away two passed from LeBron James and reversed it into turnovers in the final minute.

  • Paul George Scored 22 Points, While George Hill added 18 and West made 13 for Indiana.

  • James scored 36 points while Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade scored 17 and 14 points respectively.
  • When Ind were dominating at a score of 95-93, West obstructed a pass that James was throwing to Ray Allen with 43 seconds left on the clock.  Fortunately for them the shot clock expired with the ball rolling around and points not scored of it as Mario Chalmers was all alone ready to make the basket with the help of Wade (If the ball was collected.)

  • James tied up a rebound along with Hibbert and ended up winning a jump ball.  Bosh then made a 3 pointer a MIA lead 88-84.

  • Next 5 Points were scored by Ind who once again were in the lead courtesy of James' three pointer with 3:32 left on the clock.
I felt the Miami heat had a lot of chances of a comeback but unfortunately for them it was just not their day as they ended up on the losing side towards the end.

Indiana Pacers Vs Miami Heat Results - 24/05/2013 (Scorecard)


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