Super Luigi U Release date Revealed

Super Luigi U Release date Revealed

Super Luigi Cover
Super Luigi U Release date has been revealed by Nintendo.  The company has confirmed that the downloadable content of this Side-Scrolling Platform Video Game within the Mario franchise will be launching in America on August 25.

This will be a standalone version which means the players will not need Mario Bros to play the upcoming game,  the title is expected to be priced at $30.  The game will be up for grabs on June 20 for 20$ for those who own a copy of Nintendo's last launch Mario Bros.  

The News came through via the latest Nintendo Direct where Santoru Iwata (Nintendo President) revealed a new gameplay trailer.  He also confirmed that Nabbit a creature from the previous title will also be a part of the game.

Just a day before the announcement of the release date Nintendo had revealed that their previous title Mario Bros U had sold approximately 770,000 units in the United states alone.

What are your thoughts about the Super Luigi U Release date that is expected to be on 25th August 2013?


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