Survivor 12/05/2013 - Caramoan Finale Recap

Survivor 12/05/2013 - Caramoan Finale -  Recap, Review, Results and Analysis

Survivor 12/05/2013 finale was a three hour special episode which finally revealed the results after there had been plenty of twists and surprises throughout the season. During the start of the season i didn't even expect the final 5 to be who they actually turned out to be. With that being said, Read on for the Complete Recap, Review, Results and Analysis of the Survivor reality game show that aired on Monday Night.

Survivor 12/05/2013 'Caramoan Finale' Recap, Results

The episode kicked off with Erik falling sick during the tribal council that ended upo sending Brenda packing. A group then headed back to the camp which resulted in Jeff running over, This was followed by the Medical crew who came in soon after.

TVAn unfortunate event at this stage showed Erik making an exit as the Doctor made it official to pull him out of the game. Meanwhile Cochran changed his game quickly and brought in Eddie as he had plans of voting out Dawn next.This apparently gave him a lot of Options.

During the final Immunity Challenge, no one seemed to be interested in sitting next to Dawn. Dawn turned paranoid after Eddie and Sherri's disappeared into the Jungle while they spoke about their strategy.

Final Immunity Challenger- Survivor 12/05/2013

In the final immunity challenge at Survivor 12/05/2013, players raced upon a three story flight of stairs to try and retrieve a  few puzzle pieces after which they needed to head down on a giant slide to bring it towards the Puzzle area. Cochran's performance was expected to be great considering he didn't have to untie his bags. By the time everyone brought down the Puzzle pieces Cochran didn't seem to have made any progress. This resulted in Dawn taking the lead on the 3d Puzzle which was in a shape of fire but a comeback by Cochran almost guaranteed a win of the season.

At the Camp, Cochran reassured Dawn while Eddie tried to convince him that he Would be a better choice at the end. While Dawn mostly relied on Sympathy, Eddie seemed to be in and out since the start of the season. Despite that Eddie was expected to get votes of Malcolm and Reynold.

Dawn and Eddie ended up in a battle at Tribal. Dawn said Eddie was extremely likeable while Eddie responded by saying she had made huge moves that changed the game. During the votes it finally cleared up that Eddie would be the last member of the Jury. About Time!

It was now Judgement time where final three had to face the Jury. During their first comments Dawn said that she was proud of the hardest decisions she had made, Sherrie seemed shattered but managed to say that she did a good job adapting. Cochran spoke about his passion for the game as well as his strategy and timing. Malcolm who was the first Jury member who addressed the group asked Cochran what he has that he doesn't, Cochran responded by saying "Insecurity" The Jury laughed at Sherrie when she told Eddie she wasn't carried to the final three.

Phillip continued the beating by kicking sherrie out of Stealth R Us and told Dawn she made camp life disruptive.

Erik Defended Brenda during the Blindside she and Dawn participated in and called Sherrie a Seashell on the beach, Michael at this point asked Dawn to explain why cochran was getting away so easily to which she said because she developed better relationships.

Reynold then called Dawn a fraud  and asked her three adjectives to describe him. She ended up choosing" Chauvinistic, Humorous and vulgar." Andrea seemed to be aware of Dawn's game while Brenda couldn't help but bring up how hurt she felt from her blindside.

When Dawn said she wouldn't have quit if Brenda retrieved her teeth, Brenda turned around and asked her to take her teeth out.This was followed by the results which were finally declared.

On the live show the majority of the votes were cast only for Cochran and no one else which made him an undisputed winner of the show.Thats it for my Surivior 12/05/2013 Season finale recap.Hope you enjoyed it!

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