The Voice 07/05/2013 Recap and Review

The Voice 07/05/2013 Recap,Review and Analysis

The Voice 07/05/2013 Episode on Tuesday Night was all about Team Blake and Team Shakira.After looking at some great performances on Monday Night,Tuesday was expected to follow the trend.Read on for the complete Review,Analysis and Recap of the Show that aired on 07/05/2013.

The Voice 07/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Slowly but steadily we are getting at that stage of the season where the singers will really need to work hard to survive.It is evident from the way the Judges have either appreciated or criticized the performance that they are looking for something more than just singing,With that being said lets now take a closer look at the performance reviews of each contestants.

Team Blake

Holly Tucker was the first one to perform from Team Blake.Before starting the practice Blake told her a few positive things to energies her and help her increase the confidence level.This seemed to work as she achieved a standing ovation for the song she performed to which was "How Do i Live."

Adam Levine couldn't stop saying how beautiful she was after she completed her singing which again will increase her confidence even further.

The Swon Brothers were the next to Audition as they decided to sing a Country Classic "Fishin' in the Dark" Usher and Levine confessed that they were not aware of the song which followed by a hilarious comment from Usher where he said "I go Fishin' in the dark...Sometimes..In other Ways,You Know."

Justin Rivers decided to sing "Meet in the Middle" which was pleasing to hear.He went ahead to crack a joke as well where he said that Growing up in Alabama prevented him from learning how to really speak English.Usher claimed his performance was a "Country incredible moment." and Adam claimed it to be "A threat to Blake's career."

Danielle Bradbury who was just 16 was set to perform next.The judges loved her singing of the song "Maybe it was Memphis" Adam claimed that because of this performance she is one of those to beat.

Team Shakira

Garrett Gardner decided to go with the song "Imagine." Another hilarious comment by Usher followed where he said "I'm Happy to see you at a computer" but he changed it quick enough and said "I'm Happy to see you at a Piano." 

Apart from the comments the judges loved her singing and looked visibly impressed

Kris Thomas decided to sing "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars.While practicing he and Shakira sung the song together.After Watching his performance i thought it was average (Probably because he was nervous) but the judges loved it.

Karina Iglesias  was the next to spring into action from Shakira's team.She decided to sing "Lets Stay Together" Shakira was mighty impressed with the performance to an extent where she had no words to describe Karina's perfection.

Sasha Allen sung "Oh,Darling" and her killer voice did the rest.As expected her performance was over the roof which was loved by Shakira.Usher commented by saying How sexy she looked by saying "I Like Your Outfit."

Shakira and Blake's performance

The best part of this singing talent competition was left for the last when Shakira and Blake performed to "Need you Know" by Lady Antebellum.The way they complimented each others singing was just "WOW" 

Admit it,you loved it too didn't you?

Thats it for my Recap of The Voice 07/05/2013.Hope you Enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts about The Voice 07/05/2013 recap,Review and the performances?


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