The Voice 30/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

The Voice 30/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review (Knockout Rounds)

The Voice 30/04/2013 on Tuesday night was a special two hour episode where the singers from Team Usher faced off against Team Blake as they fought for Survival.Read on for the results,Recap and Complete review of what went down as this Reality TV Singing competition on Tuesday night.

The Voice 30/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review (Knockout Rounds)

Savannah Berry Vs Justin Rivers

The first contestants to face off were Berry and Rivers who chose to sing pop songs.Savannah chose to sing Justin Bieber's "As Long as you love me" and Justin chose to go in with The Climb by Miley Cyrus.

Shelton also told Justin that he was taking a huge risk by going in with singing a woman's song but still ended up selecting him because of his strong performance.

Josiah Hawley Vs Jess Kellner

Next up were Josiah and Jess who chose to sing "Black to Black" and "You Give me something" respectively.During the performance Adam Levine said that it would have been better if they switched the songs but also confessed that Kellner sounded the best she has all season.

Usher however felt that Jess' performance at The Voice 30/04/2013 could have been a little better and chose Josiah instead.

Holly Tucker Vs Luke Edgemon

Holly and Luke decided to sing the song "Live Like you were Dying" and "Teenage Dream" respectively.Both the singers were absolutely brilliant which even got the audience cheering.Shelton after a bit of thinking decided to keep Holly which sent his steal Luke Edgemon back home.

Audrey Karrasch Vs. Michelle Chamuel

Next performers were Audrey and Michelle who chose the song "How to Love" and "Raise your glass" respectively.Karrasch'  singing was a little ordinary whereas Chamuel looked to be confident throughout.Blake also confessed  that Audrey had some scattered problems but Michelle had some lovely energy.Usher decided to choose Michelle whom he thought is a true thinker.

Danielle Bradbery Vs. Taylor Beckham

Next up from Blake's team was Danielle Bradbery who faced off against Taylor Beckham.they decided to sing the song "Jesus Take the wheel" and "Russian Roulette" respectively.Danielle's performance looked very mature and upto the mark which resulted in Blake keeping her.

C Perkins Vs Vedo

The Two R&B Singers faced off as C Perkins and Vedo chose to sing "She Ain't You" and "Everything I Do (I Do It For You).Vedo's performance was brilliant which ended up Usher choosing him at The Voice 30/04/2013.

Grace Askew Vs The Swon Brothers

Another battle saw Grace and Swon Brothers face off against each other as they sang the song "I can't stand the rain" and drift away respectively.The Swon brothers were great with their musical performance throughout which ended up Blake choosing them.

Cathia Vs Ryan Innes

The final knockout rounds of the night saw Cathia Vs Ryan Innes as they both sang "Mr Know it All" and "I Dont Wanna Be" respectively".Ryan Struggled throughout the performance which ended with Usher choosing Cathia.Thats it for the results,recap and review of the show from last night.

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