The Voice 27/05/2013 Recap

The Voice 27/05/2013 Recap, Review and Analysis

The American Singing Talent Competition on Monday Night Kicked off with 8 awesome singers still remaining as the competition got even more fierce.  Each singer was expected to sing live at the show and depending on the way they performed, it was up to the public to either move them forward or show them the door.  Read on for the complete Voice 27/05/2013 Recap and Review.

Please note: Spoilers will be included below.

The Voice 27/05/2013 Recap and Review

The show is now getting to a situation where all the singers were under massive pressure as they would need to outdo themselves each week if they were looking to gain an upper hand. This meant that those who love watching this TV show were in for a treat until the results of the winner were finally announced.  With that being said, lets now take a closer look at the performance reviews of each contestant on 27/05/2013.

Judith Hill's Performance

Song Performed: Hashtag by Will.I.Am

The Show began with Blake Shelton performing but the actual performance came in the form of Judith Hill from Team Adam.  She decided to sing the song hashtag by  which Adam thought was risky.  The Audience absolutely loved the performance and so did Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.  Blake thought her singing was spot on while Adam felt like he was watching an artist than a contestant at the voice.

Holly Tucker

Song Performed: Done by the perry band

Holly Tucker was the first singer to perform from blake's team on 27/05/2013.  She decided to sing the song Done by the perry band.  Usher thought she was fantastic while Shakira loved her attitude.  Adam on the other hand appreciated her range and Blake was thrilled with her performance as well.

A group performance to the song Diamonds by Rihanna then followed with Judith and Michelle owning the song from each angle.

The Swon Brothers

The Swon Brothers performed to an old Eagles song as suggested by Blake Shelton this week.  Usher was very impressed with their performance as he said the brothers did eagles proud.  Shakira confessed that the eagles harmonies suited their voices while Adam thought they had a few scary moments during the song but they duo did well to get out of it.

Sasha Allen

Song Performed: Without you By Usher

Sasha Allen from Shakira's team  decided to sing Without You with Usher being in the Judging panel, Talk about the confidence!

Adam continued to feel sad for letting Sasha off his team. Blake and Shakira loved the song while Usher thought she did a great Job.

Sarah Simmons

Song Performed: Somebody i used to know

Sarah's performance for the song 'Somebody i used to know was another stellar performance.  Adam thought she put new life into the song while Usher claimed her performance was spot on as did Shakira who enjoyed it.

Michelle Chamuel

Song Performed: Grenade by Bruno Mars

Chamuel decided to sing a hit by Bruno Mars and one again all the judges praised her for her amazing performance with Blake saying he could not believe such a big voice could come from a small person.

Danielle Bradbery

Bradbery sang a song by The Judd's.  The following is what the judges had to say

Usher: "Incredible"

Shakira: "Star Quality"

Adam: "A country artist waiting to be born"

Blake: "Anyone with ears will know how amazing she is"

Amber Carrington

The last performer at the voice was Amber Carrington who decided to sing Adele's hit song "Skyfall," below is what the judges had to say

Blake: "Performance of the evening"

Usher: "Incredible"

Shakira: "High notes were great"

Adam: "No one before her had done justice to a song by adele."

That's it for my recap and review.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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