WWE Main Event 15/05/2013 Results

WWE Main Event 15/05/2013 Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 15/05/2013 that was taped on Tuesday Night took place at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Lets take a closer look at the complete Results, Review and Analysis of the show along with the performance reviews of each match that took place last night.

Kane Vs Seth Rollins

The First match was set between Kane and Seth Rollins.  Despite several near-falls the crowd was really backing Kane to win this one.  After four failed attempts of a Chokeslam Kane finally ended up connecting one.

Towards the end of the match just as Kane was in the process of Pinning Rollins, the other members of the Shield interrupted and were about to triple power bomb kane but ended up being run in by Usos who cleared the ring alongside Kane.

The fallout of this match resulted in Rollins and Reigns Vs The Uso's being setup for Smackdown.

Sincara Vs Wade Barrett

The next wrestling match on Wednesday night was set between Sin Cara and Wade barrett.  In something that was not expected the match went in favor of Sin Cara who countered a power bomb by Barrett after which he covered for a pin.

Cody Rhodes Vs Justin Gabriel

The last match of the night was set to be between Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel.  Rhodes in a strong offense was able to roll out of the presumed 450 splash attempt by Gabriel.  Rhodes won the match eventually courtesy of an Alabama slam and CrossRhodes. Despite having only three matches the matches were quite exciting to watch.

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