WWE Main Event Results 22/05/2013

WWE Main Event Results - 22/05/2013

The main Focus of WWE'S Wednesday Night show was on Alberto Del Rio, Big E Langston, The Miz, Uso's and 3MB.  This show was about to shed some light on the storylines after Extreme Rules.  Lets now take a closer look at the WWE Main Event Results - 22/05/2013 along with the Performance Reviews and Analysis of the show.


The World Wrestling Entertainment Show kicked off with Ricardo Rodriguez being introduced after which he introduced Alberto Del Rrrrrrio.  During Del Rio's entrance Michael Cole and the Miz showed a recap of a few clips from Raw When Del Rio lost to Big E Langston.  Tonight was expected to be a revenge night with a rematch set between Del Rio and Langston.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Big E Langston

The first match at WWE's Wednesday night show was set to take place between Del Rio and Langston.  Langston showed his power throughout the match as he threw Del Rio around the ring during the starting moments of the match.  AJ lee who was ringside with Langston tried to distract Alberto Del Rio off his game as Langston knocked del rio into the ground.

After the match went back and forth a little more Langston pulled the straps of his singlet down and tried to reach del rio, Rio managed to reverse it into a cross arm breaker which Langston managed to power out.  Rio then managed to attain a victory courtesy of a enziguri towards the end.

The Uso's Vs 3MB

The next match that was scheduled to take place was between The Uso's and 3mb.  I had a feeling 3mb might just sneak in a victory on this but it was not to be as the match was interrupted when an Ambulance started Blaring.  Slater tried to find out what it was and it turned out to be none other than Ryback who made his way towards the ringside and found Heath Slater hiding and dragged him off towards the ambulance as he drove off.

3MB at this point were a little weaker which allowed the Uso's to capitalize with numerous superkicks by Jimmy Uso  after which Jey Uso did his famous splash on Drew McIntyre to win the match via pinfall.

That's about it.

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