WWE Raw 13/05/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 13/05/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 13/05/2013 started with a recap from last week when the Shield made their presence felt after Ryback's match against Kane. The Show was expected to include John Cena's response to Ryback for what he did last week and also Triple H and Brock Lesnar were scheduled to face off. Read on for the complete Results, Review and Analysis of the show that aired on Monday Night.

WWE Raw 13/05/2013 - Results and Review 

This weeks raw took place at Tulsa, Oklahoma and kicked off with Jerry Lawler having a microphone in his hand standing in the center of the ring. He spoke about the match that was set between Fandango and Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules. A recap of how Fandango beat Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 29 was then shown.

We have been seeing a lot of dance off' at WWE Raw episodes lately and tonight was no different. Lawler spoke about Jericho's appearance at Dancing with the Stars and asked who was the better dancer. He then introduced Fandango and his dance partner Summer Rae. Summer came out dancing alongside her partner fandango. Next in was Chris Jericho who came out his dance partner Edyta Sliwinska.

Lawler spoke about the rules of the danceoff and said that each couple will have 9 seconds to perform a routine and the winner will be chosen by the fans. He then bashed Fandango a bit by reminding him about his loss to the Great Khali in a dance off previously. Fandango then Claimed that Khali was a clumsy atrocity of a man and said he was robbed. He also confessed that his fans might not love him but they have respect for his performance as an artist and looked visibly confident to win the dance off on 13/05/2013.

Chris Jericho Vs Fandango Danceoff

The Danceoff at WWE Raw 13/05/2013 kicked off with the fans chanting for Jericho as he cut a promo and said he was going to create a new dance sensation which he called as "The i just kicked your jackass all over the ring." He further said that at extreme rules he would dance all over Fandango's face. 

Now the danceoff!

Fandango and Summer were the first to dance. As the music hit Fandango and Summer didn't dance and just stood there. As the crowd Boo'd Fandango cut the music and said he needed silence. The music hit again and Fandango Hesitantly started dancing. Summer fell down and injured her ankle which led to Fandango getting upset. He ended up getting embarrassed and was upset with Summer. When Edyta went on to check on Summer Fandango didn't seem to like it.  A trainer then finally came out to check on Summer. Fandango then left the ring but made his way back to attack Jericho from behind. He laid down kicks and punches and also slammed him on the announcers table and steel steps.

Teddy Long's big Announcement

Just as Matt Striker was introducing Senior Adviser Teddy Long at WWE Raw 13/05/2013, Teddy was about to make an announcement but was soon interrupted by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Zeb demanded Swagger to be given the title. Big E Langston and AJ Lee then came out. Big E said the title was going no where while AJ said Swagger should be fired for the things he did to Dolph.

Big E and Swagger then had an heated argument which was broken up by Teddy Long. Teddy confirmed Dolph wont be stripped from the World Heavyweight championship title. He then announced that the match between Swagger and Alberto Del Rio will decide the #1 contender for the title and it will be an i quit match. He also said that the fans would choose through the WWE App whom they would like to face off tonight Big E Vs Swagger or Del Rio.

Josh Matthews Interview with Mark Henry

Josh Matthews was set to interview Mark Henry in the ring at WWE Raw 13/05/2013. A footage of last week was then shown where Henry beat the hell out of Sheamus with a Belt. Henry claimed this was nothing compared to what he was actually going to do to Sheamus at Extreme Rules. He then said that he would drag Sheamus around the ring. Another footage was shown from Smackdown when Mark Henry pulled two tractor trailers. Matthews asked Henry how he would beat Sheamus to which he responded by asking Matthews to put a strap on and he wrapped it around his wrist. He then shoved matthews to the mat and dragged Matthews around the ring and touched the ring post. After this he called out Sheamus. Initially Sheamus didn't come out but after a few more insults he finally made his way towards the ring.

Sheamus spoke from the stage as Henry yelled at him to come to the ring. Sheamus said he had never backed down from a fight and went towards the ring. He left a present for henry under the ring earlier and went to get it. It turned out to be another strap. Sheamus then entered the ring and he and henry started whipping each other.

John Cena and Ryback's feud continues...

After the elimination match between John Cena, Kane and Daniel Bryan against the Shield at WWE Raw 13/05/2013, The shield nailed a triple powerbomb. and exited out of the ring after which as expected out came ryback as he stood over Cena. Ryback looked at him and did nothing and walked off but he came back to the ring with a steel chair and hurt Cena's ankle badly as he yelled "My Life, My Rules...Ryback Rules" from the stage.

Ryback while walking backstage was stopped by Matt Striker for comments on his action. Ryback said he no longer is playing by the rules and said that at Extreme rules Cena and everyone else will realize that Ryback Rules.

Chris Jericho's backstage segment

Chris Jericho while being backstage with Matt Striker at WWE Raw 13/05/2013 said he was trying to play by the games of other peoples. He then got angry and said he was going to dance all over Fandango's face at extreme rules.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar's Feud

A steel cage was then lowered  around the ring with Triple H inside with a mic. HHH said that he and Brock Lesnar had been at war for a year which will finally be settled on Sunday at Extreme Rules. Triple H called the ring his home where he grew up and became a man. He then called Brock Lesnar to the ring and out he came with Paul Heyman.

Heyman and Lesnar didn't go beyond the stage. Heyman then went on to speak after which Triple H shut him up. Triple H told Lesnar to bring his ass in the ring so they could fight. Heyman stopped lesnar and mocked HHH for using the word hate and said it was on the list of banned words in WWE. He further said that everyone knew Lesnar and Triple H hated each other and said that HHH will be knowing the true meaning of hate on Sunday.

Heyman then continued to insult Triple H and said Lesnar was ready for a fight but he would need to wait until Sunday to experience it. He also said that Lesnar doesn't fight for free. Lesnar's music then hit and Heyman continued to stop him from any altercation.

Triple H then said he was wondering why Lesnar was not facing him like a man and further Claimed that it was because Heyman could not afford Lesnar to do that. He then said if Lesnar came into the cage and got his ass kicked one more time it wont bode too well for Heyman as a businessman. He also claimed that once he beat Lesnar on Sunday, Lesnar's mystique will be done and so will Heyman's meal ticket.

HHH claimed that Heyman no longer believed that Lesnar was the baddest man in the room and asked Lesnar what he was going to do about it come to the ring or stand with Paul Heyman.

Now for some action!. Triple H then dropped the mic as Lesnar approached the cage. Refrees and heyman tried to stop everything  before it started but something had to give. There was a little bit of a fight between Lesnar and HHH towards the end at Raw 13/05/2013, after a bit of a back and forth HHH got the upper hand as he threw lesnar through the cage door as the show went off air with Triple H's music.

Quick Results of WWE Raw 13/05/2013

WWE Raw 13/05/2013 Results
Ryback Defeated Zack Ryder
Darren Young and Titus O’Neil Defeated Tensai and Brodus Clay
Kofi Kingston Defeated Damien Sandow
Randy Orton Defeated Antonio Cesaro
The Miz Defeated Heath Slater
Elimination Match: John Cena, Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated The Shield
Jack Swagger Defeated Big E Langston
AJ Lee Defeated Natalya

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