WWE Raw 27/05/2013 Results - Bret Hart's Return

WWE Raw 27/05/2013 Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw that was live from Scoatiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this week kicked off with a memorial day Video Snippet .  A recap of the things that transpired between Curtis Axel and Triple H last week along with Cena's face off with Ryback were then shown.  Read on for the complete WWE Raw 27/05/2013 Results and Please bear in mind Spoilers will be included below.

WWE Raw 27/05/2013 Results and Review

Ryback and Cena's Stipulation at Payback Changed

The Monday Night Supershow started with the WWE champion John Cena making his way towards the ring.  Cena spoke about Ryback, his wwe championship and their ambulance match at Payback. He further went on to say that Ryback never thought things through while he had a complete week to go over a few things and said Payback should be hell.  Cena then announced that the main event at Payback will now be three stages of Hell -  A lumberjack Match, A tables match and an Ambulance match.  Ryback then came out and looked confident about the stipulation as he asked Cena to get ready to meet Satan.

Heyman's Challenge for Cena

Paul Heyman then made his way to the ring and challenged Cena to face his new Client Curtis Axel later at Raw.  Apparently, Heyman looked overconfident about Axel as he asked Cena to say hello to the future hall of famer. 

Cena said he saw Axel last week and confessed that he did have guts.  He then advised Axel to stay as far away from Heyman as possible because he was no good after which Cena accepted the challenge.

AJ Lee's Anger over Big E Langston's loss

After the results of the match between Alberto Del Rio and Big E Langston ended in Del Rio's favor, AJ Lee yelled at Langston for failing to execute their plan.  She continued to yell at him as Big E stood up and walked away.  AJ really needed to calm down but Big E did good with ignoring her.  God! She can be so annoying at times.

Whose the Weakest Link?

A backstage segment at WWE Raw saw Daniel Bryan moving around not being the weakest link.  Kane tried to calm him down as he told him to get over it, Kane then said they had got a chance to get their tag title's back tonight after which they started to argue again.  Bret Hart then made his return and gave a motivational speech to Bryan,  which "Hopefully" made him feel better.

After Kofi Kingston - Dean Ambrose' fight on 27/05/2013, The shield started their celebrations in the ringi.  Kane and Daniel Bryan then came out to the ring and cleared it.

Fandango beaten by a girl?

After successfully winning his match against Wade Barrett,  Fandango did his traditional dance alongside Summer Rae.  Their Dance was interrupted this time by The Miz who kicked him in the face as Summer fell on top of Fandango, The Miz then counted for a pin.

The Heart Break Kid was in the building

Shawn Michaels is one of my all time favorites and i was glad to see him at Raw,  Michaels had a segment with Cena backstage where he asked Cena if he still wanted to go ahead with the match at Payback.  Cena responded by saying he never backs off a challenge.  Cena walked off after Michaels told him that what Ryback did to him at Extreme Rules was not pretty.

 Happy Birthday Natalya

After the results over 3MB went in favor of Great Khali, Brodus Clay and Tensai, Clay took the mic and announced that it was Natalya's birthday today.  A hilarious segment then followed where Khali led everyone in singing her the happy birthday song.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel Reveals CM Punk's Return

Next up at WWE Raw on 27/05/2013 was Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel with Paul Heyman as a guest.  Jericho spoke about how Heyman had been called everything from genius to walrus in his career and went on to say heyman had aligned him to some tremendous talent.  Heyman responded by saying he discovered and developed great talent like Jericho himself.  He then went on to speak about his new client Curtis Axel and spoke about he will defeat John Cena on Monday Night.  Jericho claimed to be a huge fan of Axel but wanted to talk about Heyman's other Client CM Punk.

Heyman refused to talk about Punk but spoke about how Punk was the best and Dominated the WWE.  Jericho then asked Heyman about Punk's whereabouts to which Heyman Said Punk will be making an announcement in a next few Weeks.  Jericho said Punk cannot be called as the best in the world sitting at home for 6 weeks and challenged him for a match at Payback, after a little bit of argument the match was accepted by Paul Heyman.

Bella Twin's Sing the Happy Birthday song for Natalya

Natalya's birthday at WWE Raw 27/05/2013 was not a very happy one for her as she and Kaitlyn lost to the Bella Twins.  Bella twins in their own style sung the happy birthday song for Natalya as they called her a loser.  Natalya will be raring for a revenge next Monday.

Bret Hart backstage with Curtis Axel

Bret Hart had a backstage segment with Curtis Axel where he spoke about Mr. Perfect and asked Axel to get rid of Paul Heyman.  Curtis Axel then said just because Bret Knew his dad, it didn't mean he knew Axel as well.  Axel then went on to say that Heyman was the only person who gave him a chance before last week and also announced that he will beat the WWE Champion.

Ryback Continues to torment Cena

In between the match between Curtis Axel and John Cena, Sirens started up and an Ambulance made its way to the arena.  Cena went to the stage to check where the Ambulance was and in the process got himself counted out.  Ryback then attacked him from behind and brought him back to the stage,  Cena tried fighting back through an AA off the stage but Ryback reversed it.  Ryback then shoved Cena off the stage as WWE Raw 27/05/2013 went off air with Heyman holding Axel's hand in the air as the results went in his favor via count out.

Quick Results of the matches on 27/05/2013

WWE Raw 27/05/2013 Results
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Big E Langston
Dean Ambrose Defeated Kofi Kingston
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan
Fandango defeated Wade Barrett
The Great Khali, Brodus Clay and Tensai Defeated 3MB
The Bella Twins Defeated Kaitlyn and Natalya
Sheamus and Randy Orton Defeated Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow
Curtis Axel Defeated John Cena

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