WWE Raw 06/05/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 06/05/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 06/05/2013 kicked off from Roanoke Virginia with a look at Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman's antics at the WWE Headquarters earlier during the day.The following showed a recap of John Cena's Achilles Tendon  injury and his feud with Ryback.Read on for the complete Results,Performance Review and analysis of the show that took place on Monday Night.

WWE Raw 06/05/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

John Cena's feud with Ryback

The show started with John Cena coming out towards the ring after which he stated that he was out there to answer a few questions tonight.He claimed that his heel injury would not prevent him from wrestling Ryback at extreme rules and further said that he had not been 100% since 2002 but that's not going to prevent him from wrestling.

He was then interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who seemed to be excited that Cena would be defending his WWE title at Extreme Rules.Vickie spoke about the Extreme Rules card and hoped the WWE title would be extreme.She decided to add a stipulation to the match for which she called Ryback to the ring.Cena insulted Ryback a little to which he responded that he would not be fighting Cena tonight.

Ryback further claimed that Cena and everyone else will know Ryback Rules post Extreme Rules.He picked the stipulation of their match and claimed it to be a last man standing which left Cena Worried at WWE Raw 06/05/2013.

Randy Orton Vs Damien Sandow

The first match of the night at WWE Raw on 06/05/2013 saw Randy Orton face off against Damien Sandow.Sandow came towards the ring singing a song about Orton which was not that bad.I am not going to get into the details of the match where i say who punched whom etc but will cover the moments that led to a victory.

Towards the end of the match after a bit of back and forth Damien Sandow looked to be in control of the results as he planted the Elbow of Disdain but only managed a 2 count.It finally took a second rope DDT and an RKO for Randy Orton to win the match.

Big Show's attack on Randy Orton

Big Show came out towards the stage and attacked Randy Orton.He dropped orton with a knockout punch as he made his way back to the backstage arena.I wonder what will be the outcome of this feud as this has been going on since a long time now.The Big Show's relationship with Sheamus and Randy Orton seems to be going downhill every week.

Fandango's Feud with Chris Jericho (some kind of a Danceoff)

Chris Jericho joked about Fandango and said he had arranged a Panel to Judge his performance tonight.Jericho introduced the judges as Tensai and Brodus Clay who made it towards the ring with Cameron and Naomi.

Fandango and a new dancer were the next to come as Jericho sat down to judge the performance.Fandango insulted Jericho for not winning Dancing with the Stars.

R Truth vs Fandango

One of the shortest matches on WWE Raw saw Fandango striking first but truth making a comeback as he dropped Fandango on his face.He then gives Fandango the Scissors kick after which all the judgess give truth 10s which irritated fandango as he walked out with his new dancer.

Daniel Bryan's challenge to Ryback

A recap of Ryback defeating Daniel Bryan at Smackdown and The Shield attacking Bryan were then shown.A backstage segment at WWE Raw 06/05/2013 saw Josh Matthews interviewing Bryan who at that point challenged Ryback to a rematch and he also wanted to prove that The Shield's Claims of justice were phony.

Ryback then appeared from no where and said no and said Bryan was half the man he is.Kane then appeared as he got in Ryback's face and it was revealed they would face off tonight.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler

The next match at Raw 06/05/2013 was between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler started with the World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler making his way towards the ring with AJ Lee and Big E Langston.After a bit of back and forth Del Rio unloaded on Ziggler as he named a superkick which only helped him get a 2 count.He then locked Ziggler in a cross arm breaker after which AJ distracted the referee which allowed Big E to pull Del Rio out of the ring.The match ended in a disqualification.

After the match between Del Rio-Ziggler was over Langston threw  Del Rio towards Swagger's chair which upset him.Swagger then clotheslined Del Rio and brought a chair from below the ring.Swagger ended up beating down Ziggler and Del Rio with a ladder in the ring as he left with body's everywhere.

Kaitlyn's Stalker

A Backstage segment on 06/05/2013 saw Kaitlyn hanging out with Cameron and Naomi as he phone went off.She received a text message and claimed the person texting her was not a stalker.She said she felt the person who texts her gets her.Natalya then walked up to Kaitlyn and read the text message as the Great Khali also made an appearance.Natalya then asked Khali to go into the locked room to find out who the mystery man was.As they walked off,The Bellas were then shown coming out from behind the curtain laughing.

The Shield Vs Kofi Kingston and The Uso's

The Shield's push continues to get stronger and stronger as the week goes by and just like they have dominated and got an upper hand in their other matches this wasa quite similar.Just as Kofi went up to the top Ambrose broke him momentum.Kofi did managed to knock ambrose to the mat but Rollins pushed Kofi off the top as Reigns was distracting the referee.Ambrose then laid a Finisher on Kofi to attain Victory.

Zack Ryder Vs Antonio Cesaro

The next match at WWE Raw 06/05/2013 was scheduled to be between Zack Ryder and Antonio Cesaro.Cesaro took control for most part of the match and dropped Ryder with a big uppercut mid-air which was followed by a finisher to win it comfortably.

After the match Cesaro spoke about how there was no competition for him in WWE,NXT,Saturday morning Slam,on Superstars,Smackdown,Main Event or Raw that can even come close to what he does in the ring.

Paul Heyman Via Satellite (Footage of WWE Headquarters)

A segment showed Paul Heyman appearing on the screen via satellite.He said he was there on behalf of Brock Lesnar and claimed that they took a self guided tour to WWE HQ earlier during the day.He then showed a footage at Raw.The following is what they did at the HQ.
  • They Mocked Extreme Rules poster featuring Sheamus
  • Heyman joked about Andre the Giant being dead for 150 years after looking at his hand prints
  • Rode the elevator up and intimidated the operator.
  • Lesnar then stared at the Royal Rumble poster with The Rock on it.
At one point  a secretary also asked them if they had an appointment with Triple H.Heyman claimed the secretary was much prettier than Stephanie McMahon after which Lesnar Grabbed the title off the wall and destroyed HHH's room as he ripped a TV off the wall and broke the desk apart along with the phone and laptop.After the onslaught Heyman left a business card.

Back on Raw Heyman continued to appear live via satellite and claimed that from now on he would never discourage Lesnar but will encourage him.Heyman was cut off as Triple H's music hit as he came out towards the ring.

Looking at the screen HHH first joked about Heyman's hair and said he is aware of what extreme is as he gives his famous DX gesture.He then said that Heyman and Lesnar knew he would not be at the HQ on Monday because  he is always at Raw on those days.Heyman tries to interrupt HHH to which he responds by saying Shut Up.HHH further said he had two offices one that Heyman and Lesnar destroyed and the other where he was standing.He also said Lesnar could say whatever he wanted to his face as he was not hard to find.Before the end of the segment triple H says in this office We Fight back as his music hits

 AJ Lee and The Bella Twins Vs Cameron,Naomi and Kaitlyn

Another filler on Monday night (06/05/2013) included a match between AJ Lee and The Bella twins who squared off against Cameron,Naomi and Kaitlyn.Towards the end of the match Cameron made a comeback with a clothesline after which she tagged in Kaitlyn.AJ ended up slapping her once but when she tried it for the second time Kaitlyn blocked her.Aj then tagged the bellas but they refused to help out as Kaitlyn speared AJ for a victory.

Mark Henry's feud with Sheamus

This is another one of those feuds which never seems to have an end.Henry at WWE Raw 06/05/2013 said that sheamus acted when he normally came out but he doesn't need to act tough as he is already tough.He then spoke about Sheamus and the hall of pain after which Sheamus made his way out to the ring.After a bit of harsh words Henry said they could fight right now as they didn't need to wait for Xtreme rules but before the fight actually kicks off Wade Barrett's music hits as he comes out for his scheduled matched against Sheamus.

Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett

The match between Sheamus and Wade Barrett had its moments but just as Barrett was going for the Bullhammer elbow Sheamus reversed it to a white noise as he laid a brogue kick to win.

After the match was over Henry rushed to the ring and attacked Sheamus with a leather strap.Sheamus tried to fight back but the onslaught was just too much.

Kane Vs Ryback

The final match at WWE Monday Night Raw was scheduled to take place between Kane and Ryback.After a bit of a back and forth Ryback grabbed kane for a shellshock as it results in an easy win for Ryback in the end.

After the match The Shield's music hit as they came out.Daniel Bryan also made his way towards the ring as he checked the condition of Kane.Ryback by this time left them to face the Shield alone.Cena also made his way towards the ring after which Bryan pounced on Reigns while Cena went all out on Rollins.Ryback hoowever ended up planting a chair shot on Cena as he stood over him yelling Ryback Rules as Raw 06/05/2013 went off air.Its shows such as these that do not end up in me regretting working at home.

Quick Results of WWE Raw 06/05/2013

WWE Raw 06/05/2013 Results
Randy Orton Defeated Damien Sandow
R Truth Defeated Fandango
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Dolph Ziggler
The Shield Defeated Kofi Kingston and The Usos
Antonio Cesaro Defeated Zack Ryder
Kaitlyn, Cameron and Naomi Defeated AJ Lee and The Bella Twins
Sheamus Defeated Wade Barrett
Ryback Defeated Kane

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