WWE Raw 20/05/2013 Results

WWE Raw 20/05/2013 Results, Review and Analysis

After watching Extreme Rules on Sunday Night i was a little disappointed with the outcome of  the clash between Ryback and John Cena but at the same time other matches such as Triple H against Brock Lesnar made up for that quite well.  This Week's Monday Night Raw was a fallout of the Pay Per View as it was expected to reveal newer storylines going forward.  Read on for the complete WWE Raw 20/05/2013 Results along with a performance review of the show that took place on Monday Night.

WWE Raw 20/05/2013 Results

Monday Night kicked off with an ambulance making its way towards the stage.  Ryback then came out from the back of the ambulance and proceeded towards the ring after which a few pictures of his match against John Cena were shown on the titan tron.

Ryback while speaking from the top of the ambulance said that despite there being no winner at extreme rules he didn't let Cena just walk away, He was carried away.  A footage of Extreme rules post-show was then shown where Cena had refused to go to the hospital carried in an ambulance.  Ryback promised that the next time he met Cena,  Cena would not refuse to get into the ambulance.  Ryback then insulted the WWE universe calling them stupid and challenged Cena to an Ambulance match at WWE Payback.  Ryback Guaranteed he would win next time he squared up against Cena.  Michael Cole confirmed that the match was official as Ryback ended the segment saying "Ryback Rules."

Fandango Vs Wade Barrett Vs The Miz and Chris Jericho

Towards the end of the match Jericho nailed a codebreaker and tagged Miz back to the ring who applied a figure four for a win.

After the bell rang, Fandango continued his dance alongside Summer Rae.  Jericho and Miz surrounded the ring which ended with fandango retreating through the crowd leaving Summer alone.  Jericho stared summer down and extended his hand as they danced a bit.  He then kissed her as he made his way back through the stage.

Vickie Guerrero then came out and announced that Jack Swagger was scheduled to be in a match tonight.  The fans were given an opportunity to select his opponent from the choices of The Great Khali, R-Truth or Randy Orton.

Kane and Daniel Bryan's backstage fallout 

Backstage Daniel Bryan and Kane spoke about losing their WWE Tag team championship.  Kane claimed to be confident and asked Bryan to be so too.  Kane also said that they will eventually get a rematch but Bryan cannot be weak as The Shield Preys on weakness to which Bryan argued and said that he was not the weak link of the team.  Kofi Kingston managed to finally calm them down as Bryan before leaving said that he will see them in the ring.

Paul Heyman's new Client

Paul Heyman Proudly made his way out towards the ring as he asked the fans to go ahead and Boo him.  Heyman said nothing will change the fact that the match went in favor of Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules.  He called triple h a loser and said that Lesnar was enjoying his life while HHH tucked a sledgehammer between his legs and went home to mommy.  He also claimed that Lesnar had fulfilled his obligations to WWE.  Does this mean he is done with the company?

Heyman now was looking for something new which made him introduce to the WWE universe his new client Michael McGillicutty.  He spoke about McGillicutty's legacy and wondered why he wasn't yet in main events.  He announced his in ring name as Curtis Axel after which "The Game" Triple H made his way out.

While Triple H was speaking to Paul Heyman Axel interrupted him to which the game asked him to shut up when two adults were taking.  Axel went on to say that the game had now changed and if HHH really needed to talk to heyman he will need to speak to Axel first which led to Triple H smacking him onto the mat.  HHH said that he would wrestle Axel tonight post which he would kick Heyman's ass.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Big E Langston

Next up was a wrestling match between Alberto Del Rio and Big E Langston  which eventually went in favor of  Langston after AJ Lee distracted the Referee to allow Langston poke Del Rio in the eyes after which he planted a finisher for a victory.

Ryback continues his dominance

After the match between Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder took place,  Ryback made his way towards the ring and planted a meathook clothesline on Ryder.  He then nailed a big powerbomb, Shellshocked Ryder and threw him out of the ring after which he took him in the back of the Ambulance.  The ambulance then started with its sirens and left the arena with Ryback in the back.

Who the hell is Kaityn's secret Admirer? 

A backstage segment saw Kaitlyn speaking to Natalya about her secret admirer.  Cody was then seen texting and walking by,  the girls checked his phone but he was just posting his pictures on the internet.

Triple H Vs Curtis Axel 

This was the main event at the WWE Raw Supershow that aired on 20/05/2013.  The match was intense throughout but the match ended in a no contest as Triple H looked to sell some kind of an injury.  At a particular point he sat down on a chair and asked for water after which he poured water on his face and went back into the ring but he went down on one knee and stumbled back to the chair with trainers checking on him and telling him he was done for the night as Raw went off air.

WWE Raw Results - 20/05/2013

WWE RAW 20/05/2013 Results
Fandango and Wade Barrett Defeated The Miz and Chris Jericho
Sheamus Defeated Titus O’Neil
Big E Langston Defeated Alberto Del Rio
AJ Lee Defeated Layla
Cody Rhodes Defeated Zack Ryder
The Shield Defeated Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton Defeated Jack Swagger
Triple H vs. Curtis Axel ended in a no contest

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