WWE Smackdown 03/05/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 03/05/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 03/05/2013 was held at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit,Michigan.After a few revelations were made on Monday Night about the matches we can expect from extreme rules PPV,Friday night was no exception as the storyline moved at a pretty fast pace and gave a fair bit of an idea how the upcoming Pay Per View will shape up.The creative team will be hoping for a much better show this time around.Read on for the Results,Review and Analysis of the show that airs on Friday Night.

WWE Smackdown 03/05/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

All the Major superstars such as Ryback,Daniel Bryan,Fandango,Alberto Del Rio,Jack Swagger,Dolph Ziggler,Big E Langston,Randy Orton,Damien Sandow,Mark Henry,Sheamus,Dean Ambrose and Kane were in action on Friday Night.Lets now take a closer look at the matches as it happened.

Ryback Vs Daniel Bryan

The show started with Ryback grabbing a microphone and talking trash about John Cena including the injury that he suffered to his right Achilles tendon.If you remember Monday night Raw Cena had teamed up with team Hell No to face off against The Shield despite Ryback suggesting him to back off.

After a bit of mike time with Ryback,Daniel Bryan got set to face him.Despite Bryan having his moments we all knew the match was going only one way and that was in the direction of Ryback.Courtesy of a Shellshock.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez in Six Man Tag Team Match

Ricardo Rodriguez continued to be impressive with his winning streak as he teamed up with Alberto Del Rio to face off against Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston and the team of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter.

Just like the other matches this one had its moments as well with all the wrestlers going in for the kill but eventually as most of the fans would like it,the match went in the direction of none other than Alberto Del Riiiiiio.

Losing to Ryback was not the only bad thing to happen to Daniel Bryan on Friday Night as he managed to get the attention of the Shield who beat him down backstage which ended with Kane saying The Shield will pay for this.

Mark Henry Vs Sheamus (Arm Wrestling)

Confess it,Despite watching some lovely Wrestling matches its always fun to see something different such as Dance offs,Singing competition,Kiss Cam and in this case an Arm Wrestling contest.

The Worlds strongest man had a lot to prove through this match as this was  suppose to be the true exhibition of the power he possesses.Mark Henry did live up to his expectations and took Sheamus down during the contest which prompted the celtic warrior to claim a rematch with their left arms to which Henry Accepted.

Since Henry was blindsided by the right hand of Sheamus they entered into a brawl in the middle of the ring and for the second time Sheamus planted Henry back first onto the mat.

Dean Ambrose Vs Kane

This was expected to be a revenge match as Kane's partner Daniel Bryan had been Assaulted by The Shield earlier on.The match ended in favor of Ambrose and ended up being a 3 on 1 encounter as the other members of the Shield intervened after the match.

Quick Results of WWE Smackdown 03/05/2013

WWE Smackdown 03/05/2013 Results
Dark Match: Bo Dallas Defeated Curt Hawkins
Ryback defeated Daniel Bryan
Fandango defeated Zack Ryder
Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter, Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston in Six-Man Tag Team Match
Randy Orton defeated Damien Sandow
Mark Henry defeated Sheamus in an Arm Wrestling Contest
Dean Ambrose defeated Kane

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