WWE Smackdown 31/05/2013 Results

WWE Smackdown 31/05/2013 Results, Review and Analysis

Looking back at WWE Raw this week, it was pretty much the usual where Ryback once again got the upper hand on John Cena and The Shield Continued to dominate.  A good thing to see though was Curtis Axel getting a push, which added some sort of a unique freshness to the show.  After WWE had a disaster with Wrestlemania 29, i feel raw as well as smackdown have lost their magic they once possessed and looking at the way things are going for them, WWE will need something really interesting to pull Smackdown out of the rubble as its evidently their weakest show.  Lets now take a closer look at what you can expect to see on Friday Night along with the performance reviews of the matches.

Please Note:Spoilers will be included below.


The show that was taped on Tuesday Night saw Kane, Seth Rollins, The Shield, Ryback, Kofi Kingston among many other superstars in action, while i admit that the matches set were decent enough to pass your Friday night but they certainly didn't last that long.

Kane Vs Seth Rollins

Kane and Daniel Bryan in the recent past have been feuding hard against the Shield, they have been seen helping out others in trouble and creating a hindrance in between Shields dominance, this was probably one of the reason that the match between Kane and Seth Rollins was setup.  Looking at the match it ended in 9:50 minutes with Kane getting the upper hand as he Chokeslammed Rollins.  What followed after this was a match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan

It's evident the shield do not like Team Hell No but their night didn't start as well as they would have hoped for as Kane won the match against Rollins.  Their last chance of redemption came when Reigns was about to face Daniel Bryan.  The match ended with Reigns winning after Kane got Bryan disqualified as he gave reigns a kick on his face.  What followed was an argument between the two.

Damien Sandow's Mental Challenge

Damien Sandow came out to issue a mental challenge.  He first insulted the crowd at Edmonton as he claimed that they were stupid for giving away Wayne Gretzy for nothing 25 years ago.  Just as Sandow was explaining the rules of the challenge, he was interrupted by Sheamus who gave him a nice brogue kick when Sandow tried to cheat.

Ryback Vs Kofi Kingston

Mr Feed Me More was in no mood to take his match against the high flyer Kofi Kingston lightly, he came out with an ambulance and managed to powerbomb,Shellshock and Pin Kingston, despite the high flyer having an upper hand during the starting moments.

Big E Langston Vs Alberto Del Rio

My Favorite match, Not!

I have never been a fan of AJ Lee or anyone who has been with her.  Even during the minor stint she had with John Cena, i actually hated him.  The match between Big E Langston and Del Rio was interrupted by AJ Lee as she gave a cheap shot at one point to help Langston win via pinfall.

Curtis Axel Vs Sin Cara

This match was more focused of pushing Curtis Axel forward.  It didn't last long as it ended in 2:25 minutes with Axel planting a perfect Plex on Sin Cara to win the match comfortably.  Man, I would have loved to see some high flying action but unfortunately it was not to be!

Chris Jericho Vs Cody Rhodes

The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla was also a part of the matchup against Cody Rhodes.  I'm not sure what plans WWE has about Jericho's feud with Fandango or if we can safely assume that it's over.  His match against Cody Rhodes was slightly longer but Jericho eventually came out the winner via submission.

Randy Orton Vs Dean Ambrose

This was the longest match of the night with Randy Orton going one on one against Dean Ambrose.  The match ended in Orton's favor because of a disqualification as two other shield members interrupted in between the match.  After the match Team Hell No came out to make the save.

Teddy Long then came out and restarted the match as a 6 man tag match which was eventually won by Team Hell No and Randy Orton.  That's about it.

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