WWE Smackdown Results - 24/05/2013

WWE Smackdown Results - 24/05/2013

After last week's Raw ended with a lot of Chaos surrounding Brock Lesnar and Triple H, World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night Supershow was expected to reveal a bit more about the other storylines moving forward.  The Miz, The Shied, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston were a few among other major superstars who were a part of the show that took place at Omaha, Nebraska.  Read on for the complete Review and Analysis of the show.

Review and Highlights

WrestlingWWE Smackdown that airs on 24/05/2013 (already taped on Tuesday Night) kicked off with The Miz TV with Fandango as the special guest of the night.  Wade Barrett interrupted Mid way as he was looking to exact some revenge on Fandango because of their Raw fallout which resulted in a match being set between Barrett and The Miz.  I was expecting Barrett to face Fandango, so didn't quite understand the logic here!

A few days back during WWE'S friday night episode, Damien Sandow had proposed an idea to host his very own "Damien Sandow Show," he got his wish fulfilled this week but things went downhill for him soon enough as Sheamus went berserk after a series of insults he had to bear from Sandow, He ended up clearing Sandow from the ring after which he threw Matt Striker over the top rope on Sandow.

WWE Smackdown Results - 24/05/2013
Intercontinental Championship: The Miz defeated Wade Barrett via disqualification. Barrett keeps the title.
Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger via submission. Bryan and Kane argue afterwards.
Chris Jericho defeated The Big Show via countout.
Curtis Axel defeated Sin Cara.
United States Championship: Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose ends in a disqualification.
The Shield defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus and Kingston via pinfall.


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