America's Got Talent 18/06/2013 - Recap and Review

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

America's Got Talent that aired on 18/06/2013 saw the judges Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern traveling to Chicago in search of a few more contestants who possessed some exciting talent.  While the last few weeks of the season have been very exciting, this one too wasn't too far behind with a few great contestants coming to light.  Read on for the complete America's got talent 18/06/2013 Recap along with the performance reviews of each contestants.

Note: Spoilers included below.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013 Recap

AGT 18/06/2013: Omega Force Strength Team Recap

America's favorite reality show kicked off with a group named the Omega Force Strength, their act was evident through their name itself.  The group included the world's strongest senior citizen who mesmerized the crowd as he showcased his raw strength. 

He crushed 40 blocks of concrete and bench pressed the host Nick Cannon.

Howie claimed that there was a problem with their presentation until they got to see the 40 year old while Heidi, Mel and Howard gave the group three yeses to move forward.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013: Darby and Kyle Recap

Darby and Kyle's act was to do cheerleading stunts.  Despite the act looking a little out of line, they nailed it.  

The stunt didn't look too easy but the kids carried it well. The judges happily welcomed them into the next round as they showered them with four yeses.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013: Kenichi Ebina Recap

Kenichi Ebina proclaimed her act was "Dance-ish performance."  Initially, not much was expected from her but what transpired was absolutely wonderful to see.  The kid looked to have a lot of potential as he did Robot, Matrix as well as moonwalk dance form very well, his style was amazing to watch.

Ebina's performance earned him a standing ovation from the audience as well as the judges as they got him a ticket to Vegas.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013: Deanna Recap

Deanna's act at AGT was straightforward as her act involved singing.  Her voice was beautiful as the audience as well as the judges really liked her performance.

All the judges had good things to say about her however, Mel claimed that "As a singer she needs to protect her voice, because it sounded like it was going to snap right there."

She eventually succeeded in earning a place in the next round.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013: Steve Recap

Steve's act was that he could build rube Goldberg machines.  His act was pleasing as no one could understand how he could have possibly built the machine as the skill required a lot of patience.

The judges liked the act and they put him through to the next round.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013: Rong Niu Recap

Rong Niu's act involved "Unicycle Bowl Floating."

One of the best acts of the night.  The way she maintained her balance throughout was amazing to see.  The act also looked a bit scary as the Unicycle was about 11 feet tall and at times she was one footed and juggled bowls in high heels.

She achieved the four yeses to proceed to the next round.

America's Got Talent 18/06/2013: American military Spouses Choir Recap

The act of the American Military spouses choir was singing.  They decided to sing the song "Ain't no mountain high enough" and were brilliant.  The judges loved their performance and agreed to push her through to the next round.  That's it for my AGT recap hope you enjoyed it.

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