America's got talent 11/06/2013 - Recap,Review and Analysis

America's got Talent 11/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The America's got Talent episode that aired on 11/06/2013 was held at San Antonio and New Orleans in search of a few more interesting people from around the country.  Compared to how the last week's show was this week was expected to be even better.  Read on for the complete America's got Talent 11/06/2013 Recap along with the Review of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below.

America's got Talent 11/06/2013 Recap

Travis Pratt - The Opera Guy

The Tuesday Night AGT episode kicked off with Travis Pratt who was from Tipton, Georgia.  He was on the show because of his girlfriend and was an Opera singer whose act involved singing an Opera song.  His performance was brilliant from start to finish.  The judges also seemed to be impressed with his performance and had the following to say
Howie compared him to Jackie Evancho
Howard said that his performance was one of the most outrageous audition he ever saw. 
Heidi claimed him to be a superstar in a good way.
Mel B found his performance was perfection.

After the act was over,America's got Talent saw Pratt proposing to his girlfriend and obviously she said yes.  Apparently this was not the only good news Travis Pratt got for the day as he also received four yeses to move on to the next round.

 Ruby and Jonas - Ballroom Dancers

Next up on 11/06/2013 were the contestants Ruby and Jonas who were ballroom dancers.  Their dance was phenomenal and their chemistry looked great.  The judges said the following

Mel B loved the hip movements.
Heidi claimed their performance was amazing
Howard thought the act was unbelievable
Howie claimed that they had set the bar.

The received four yeses to move on to Vegas.

D' Angelo and Amanda - Ballroom Dancers

This was the second ballroom dance performance of the night at America's got talent.  D' Angelo was the older brother of Ruby who had performed earlier and his performance alongside Amanda was loved by the Judges more than the early performance of Ruby and Jonas. They ended up getting four yeses and earned a place into the next round in Vegas.

Mariachi Nueveo Estillo Group

The next performers at America's got talent 11/06//2013 was the Mariachi Nueveo Estillo Group.  Their act started with a traditional Mariachi Performance but quickly converted into something unique.  In between their performance they switches from traditional to modern with most popular hits of today.  The judges were mighty pleased with their performance

Howard claimed they made the act bigger than Mariachi and he loved it.
Hedi liked the performance
Mel B said she was down with it
Howie said that they completed his mission to get howard to like mariachi.

Pistol Packin' Paula

Weird name ain't it?

Paula's performance was expected to be entertaining but failed.  The act saw a lot of gun twirling and blanks firing but unfortunately it was not good enough for the judges as both Heidi and Mel hit the buzzer.  Howard called the act "Classic Americana" while Mel thought it was not that great.  Heidi claimed that twirling the gun was cool but she needed to see more and Howard said he just didn't get it.  She didn't get through to the next round.

Brad Byers- Sword Swallower

The next act on 11/06/2013 involved Sword Swallowing.  In the past we have seen many such acts which are actually quite dangerous and i just don't understand how this impresses anyone.  Getting back to the act Brad put 9 swords in his mouth at the same time with both the Judges and the Audience in the edge of their seats.  After the act was completed successfully the judges said the following.

Howie liked the act as it was a kind of thing he liked to see.
Mel said the act made her want to puke.

Howie gave him a yes while Mel said no because she couldn't watch it.  Howard gave it a yes.  It then all depended on Heidi who said despite the act being dangerous she was ok with it and gave them a yes for them to proceed further.

Collins Key - Magician

Collins was the next to perform at America's got talent.  He was a magician who borrowed a dollar from Howie and asked for Howard's and Mel B's help to read out the serial number and to hold the serial bag respectively.  He then lit up the dollar on fire and made it disappear which was found to be safe inside the sealed bag.

Howard said that when he judged a magic act he normally used to see what the crowds reaction was.  He noticed that the crowd was completely involved and loved the performance.  Hedi also loved the performance and wanted to see more.  Collins ended up getting four yeses to move on to the next round.

Megan Piphus - Ventriloquist

Megan performed with two big puppets and sang the songs through them, What was most impressive about the act was that while she performed throughout her lips were not moving, Amazing!

As expected the judges gave her four yeses and she will be in Vegas.

Jonathan Allen - Opera Singer

The second opera performance of America's Got Talent 11/06/2013 came in the form of Jonathan Allen.  Another amazing performance resulted in the judges giving him a standing ovation for his ovation along with four yeses to move on to the next round.

Alexandria - Escape Artist

Alexandria was an escape artist who was about to shackled, chained and thrown in the pool... There were a few anxious moments while Alexandria was under water for over 90 seconds, Howie looked to visibly worried but after about 1 minute 32 seconds she came out free of chains to get a rousing ovation as she got four yeses for the next round.

JC Starbright - The Next Lady Gaga

JC Starbright was a songwriter who called himself the next Lady Gaga, he was a 40-50 year old computer programmer who didn't get through as the performance looked to be one of the worst of the night.  Howard hit the first buzzer and was quickly followed by Mel, Heidi and Howard.

Sam Johnson - Pole Swayer

Next act at America's got talent 11/06/2013 was Sam Johnson who climbed a tall ladder and a sway pole.  He then did a handstand on the pole which was swaying a lot.  He got four yeses to proceed to the next round.

Paul Thomas Mitchell - Singer

The final performance of the night came in the form of Paul Thomas Mitchell who was a singer.  He wrote the song to honor his father who was recovering from a drinking problem.  Howard claimed that paul was a double whammy because of the great song he wrote.  Howie said that paul hit the peak while mel said that paul touched the whole of America and Hedi said she wanted a hug.  He eventually got four yeses to move to the next round.

Quick Recap of Who Got Through

  1. Travis Pratt - The Opera Singer
  2. Ruby and Jonas - Ball Room Dancers
  3. D' Angelo and Amanda - Ball Room Dancers
  4. Mariachi Nueveo Estillo Group
  5. Brad Byers - Sword Swallower
  6. Collin Keys - Magician
  7. Megan Piphus - Ventriloquist
  8. Jonathan Allen - Opera Singer
  9. Alexandria - Escape Artist
  10. Sam Johnson - Pole Swayer
  11. Paul Thomas Mitchell - Singer
That's it for the results and recap, Hope you enjoyed it.

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