America’s Got Talent 04/06/2013 - Recap and Review

America’s Got Talent 04/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Season 8 Premiere of America's got talent on 04/06/2013 kicked off with a few new faces at the judging panel.  After Sharon Osbourne announced that she would not be returning to the show, It will be Heidi Klum and Mel B who will be joining forces with Howie Mandel and Howard Stern this season as they search for the next American Superstar.  Read on for the complete America's got talent 04/06/2013 Recap along with the performance Reviews of each contestants.

Note: Spoilers included below.

America's Got Talent 04/06/2013 Recap

David Weathers

The First act at America's Got Talent or AGT on 04/06/2013 was David Weathers.  His specialty involved a few tricks with a snake.  David Circled the Snake and Blew a balloon at the same time.  The act looked terrifying but didn't make much sense of what David was trying to prove, but it all came together when the rattlesnake popped the balloon very close to David's face.  Pheew!

The judges were very impressed and felt the following about the performance.
Howie: "You are out your mind."

Mel B: "This is what i want to see. I am glad the snake is back in the box."

Howard: "That is real danger, no kidding around."

David ended up getting four yeses to proceed to Vegas for the next round.

Marty Brown

Next up at America's got talent on 04/06/2013 was Marty Brown who was a 47 year old Carpenter from Kentucky.  His act was to sing the song "Make you feel my love" by Bob Dylan for his wife who was backstage.  He didn't disappoint the judges .

Heidi: "That was beautiful" after which she brought his wife to the stage and told everyone how great he is and how she tricked him into coming.
Howard: "You are great undiscovered treasure. The only question i have is where have you been?"
Mel B: "We were hanging on your every word."
Howie: "You taught me. Don't judge a book by its cover."

He received a well deserved four yeses to proceed towards the next round.


Miu was a 31 year old dancer who was almost immediately buzzed out by Howard who was followed by Mel B and Heidi.  Howie on the other hand didn't press the buzzer.

Mel B: "That wasn't dancing."

Howie: "That was a story."

She didn't manage to make it through.

Catapult Entertainment

Catapult entertainment were a group of dancers who made it through as the judges were impressed with their performance and bowed down to their amazing skills.

Heidi: "I loved how you made these amazing shapes and told a story.

Howard: Stood up and bowed them and said "Everything we are looking for in this show, just walked on that stage."

Four eyes baby, they are going to Vegas.


Another dance group that made it through on America's got talent was Hype.  The judges seemed to have taken a liking for the dancers on 04/06/2013 as they were once again impressed with the performance.

Mel B: "That was Ridiculously Sexy."

Heidi: "That was a lot of fun to watch."

Howard: "I got nervous when i saw you open the umbrella indoors. Spectacular Job, well done!"

They achieved four yeses for their act and will proceed to Vegas.

Chuck from the Bronx 

The act of Chuck from the Bronx at America's got talent (AGT) 04/06/2013 involved a few food challenges which were to eat 3 raw eggs, do a tequila shot, Squeeze lime in eyes and eat the worlds hottest pepper while sitting in a bathtub of ice.  It was obvious this act was not going to get through, the judges confirmed the same by saying the following

Howie: "I believe in this act."

Howard: "I don't believe the pepper is for real." 

After Howard's comments America's got talent saw a pepper eating contest between Howard and Howie where stern tricked Howie and didn't eat the pepper which resulted in Howie getting his mouth burnt. Howard then said maybe Howie will finally shutup.

The act managed a yes only from Howie and hence didn't get through.

Alex B

Next up at AGT was 13 year old singer Alex,  She didn't get through but got a somewhat positive feedback from the judges

Mel B: "I think your nerves got the better of you."

Howie: "Appreciate you came to the audition."

Anna Christine

10 Year old Anna Christine was a singer as well as a piano Player.  Her performance was phenomenal especially considering that she was not even a teen yet!

Howard: "We are looking in New york for a superstar and we may have just found one! Anna Christine is heading to Vegas."

Heidi: "The can't be a 10 year old's voice."

Mel B: "You have depth... you really are something special."

Howie: "To see you deliver what looks like thirty years of experience just blew my mind!

She is going to Vegas!

3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra

The next Recap revolves around the 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra who performed to the song "Call me Maybe" by Carla Jepson.  They got through with four yeses with the judges saying

Howie: "I think the brilliance was the song choice. "

Mel B: "You took that song to the moon and back."

They were through to Vegas with four yeses as well.

Special Head

Special Head were the next to Audition at America's got talent 04/06/2013 on Tuesday Night.  They were street performers who did some amazing levitation to impress the judges.

Howard: Took back his X and said "I like what you did."

Heidi: "How is he doing this."

Mel B: "What we all just witnessed is out of this world."

Four yeses for their efforts.

Angela Hoover

Angela Hoover was an Impressionist who was a 42 year old stay at home mom.  She did some amazing impressions of Drew Barrymore, Celine Dion and Kristin Chenowith which gained her a spot in the next round

Howard: You were as smooth as you ignored your children and have been practicing all along."

Mel B: "You blew me away, you are funny thank you, thank you."

 Tone the Chiefrocca

They were a final group of singers who got through as performed to a self written song called "Booty."  The judges secured a spot for him in vegas for his efforts.  Take a look at the quick recap below for a complete list of who got through on Tuesday Night (04/05/2013.)

America's Got Talent - Season Premiere - Quick Recap

  1. David Weathers
  2. Marty Brown
  3. Catapult Entertainment
  4. Hype
  5. Anna Christine
  6. 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra
  7. Special Head
  8. Angela Hoover
  9. Tone the Chiefrocca
That's it for my complete recap of the show, hope you enjoyed it.  I will be back with Next week's recap after the show airs.

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