Britain's Got Talent 01/06/2013 Results (5th Semi Final)

Britain's Got Talent 01/06/2013 Results, Recap and Review

Yesterday Night was the fifth and the last Live Semi Final Episode of Britain's Got Talent which was a final opportunity for the remaining 9 contestants to impress the judges and make it through to the finals.  So far we have seen no one but the best being selected, so lets have a look at who made it through at BGT on 01/06/2013 along with the performance reviews of each contestants.

Recap and Judges reaction

CEO Dancers

The first act of the night was performed by the CEO Dancers, the group was impressive during their first audition as well but a lot depended on how they did at the fifth semi final.  I must admit, the crew didn't disappoint at all and ended up impressing the judges and the audience.

Simon ended up giving them a standing ovation, David said. "You absolutely filled the stage, it was fantastic.  it was much more than watching dancers."

Alesha: "That was the best show opener the week. You meant serious business."

Amanda: "You were smoking, You were fierce, you were sexy."

Simon: "The best opening act we've had on the show so far."

Aliki Chrysochou

The next act of the night was performed by Aliki who has an unbelievable voice and looks like she is one of the favorites of the judges too as they were at their feet throughout Aliki's performance.  

Amanda: "This was 100 times better than your audition.  I really hope i see you in the final, it was so touching."

Simon: "I was not genuinely expecting that.  The song choice is incredible.  You are humble and beautiful, now Katherine Jenkins has taken a big dip at the moment maybe your time has come."

David: " You are like an Angel sent from heaven,"


Let me recap for you a bit here, Glambassadors were a team of 7 members between the age of 21-37 who did it all during the fifth semi final, they backflipped and frontflipped to perfection.  The judges didn't look too overwhelmed by the performance.

Amanda: "I think they have outdone us on the outfits tonight."

Simon: "I liked the choice of the songs and i haven't seen David smile like this all week!"

David: "You actually auditioned for the Glambassadors, didn't you simon? But they turned you down because you were too camp!"

What did they mean?

I didn't see them commenting anything in regards to the act except for Simon who thought the choice of songs were good.

Steve Hewlett

It was time for Steve Hewlett and his puppet at Britain's got talent,  the act was pretty funny although i have doubts if this will make it through as these kind of acts get very stale.

David: "Me and Simon had a bet about you, I reckon you're going to be in the final.  I think after tonight - Simon's going to have to give me that pound."

Alesha: "I love the act, You're naturally funny and the materiel is great."

Amanda: "You've worked on your craft for years and years but what you've achieved is amazing.  Well done!"

Duelling Piano's

Duelling Piano was the next act on Saturday Night's BGT, Surprisingly the group had broken up which meant there was only one contestant who was about to play with himself (No pun intended!,)  Looking at the performance Simon and Alesha were quick to hit the buzzer while David and Amanda didn't mind it.

David: "When You've been Playing with someone for so long it's not easy to play with Just yourself."

Alesha: "Well done for taking part without your friend.  But the playing wasn't very good, it was like jamming session in your bedroom on friday night."

Amanda: "I'm lost for words," "You reinvented the organ."

Simon: "What's your name again?.  "You are mad, this is the craziest act i've ever seen.  I kind of know why Craig didn't turn up."

Maarty Broekman

Maarty Broekman's performance on 01/06/2013 was one of the worst performances of the night as per Simon who buzzed out quite early.  The other judges however were patient enough to let him get through his performance.

Alesha: "That was absolutely Barking."

Simon: "Seriously, What the bloody hell was that? I mean, come on.  Everything was out of tune."

David: "Well, I loved it! You're fun, You're Sexy."

Maarty responded to Ant and Dec by saying: "I wasn't out of tune, i could hear it."

So could we Maarty!


The next performers of the night were Incognito who were Gospel singers aged between 17-43.  A much better performance in comparison to last one which ended with the judges saying the following,

Simon claimed that the performance makes him want to be nice,  he further said he was converted after the biblical brilliance.

David: "If this is what going to church was like as a kid then i'd still be religious.  Can i book you for mine and Simon's wedding?"

Simon Responded: "Don't be smutty, we're not in love, we don't even like each other."

David Hit back by saying "There's nothing smutty about two men in love Simon, it's quite beautiful."

Jordon O'Keefe

Next up at Britain's favorite talent show that aired on 01/06/2013 was Jordon O'Keefe.  An average performance ended with the following comments.

Simon "I like it when people come out here and take a risk.  It's made you stand out and i admire you for what you've done,  it could get you into the final."

David looking at Jordon's father said in the audience said "I'm Sure you've made your dad proud.  We got fatigued at watching guitar auditions but you were great.  That could be a hit record."

Alesha: "You're a natural born singer,  It gave me chills."


Last but not the least, my favorite acts of the show i was looking forward to at BGT 01/06/2013 were a group named attraction.  Their shadow routine on Saturday Night included a hospital scene  which was absolutely brilliant.   The act ended with them getting a standing ovation with tears rolling down the eyes of Alesha and Amanda.

David: "It's quite simply the most beautiful thing we've ever seen."

Alesha: "Game over.  That was incredible."

Amanda: "It's remarkable how something simple and beautiful can strike your heart.  Simon was even crying, You've turned us into a complete mess."

Simon: "Seriously, I was blown away by that.  I know the show is Britain's got talent and you're not from Britain, but I'm honored you chose the show to showcase your talent.

Britain's got talent 01/06/2013 Results (Who Got Through)

It was not the results time and it was finally decided that Jordon O' Keefe and Attraction were through to the finals.  A member of the attraction group after hearing the results said "We want to thank the British Public for the support they've given us."

Jordon after being selected said "No words can describe how much it means to me.  Thank you so much.  It's surreal."

The full list of  who made it through to the finals

  • Richard and Adam Johnson
  • Arisxandra Libantino
  • Gabz
  • Jack Carroll
  • Joseph Hall
  • Luminites
  • Asanda
  • Francine
  • Attraction
  • Jordan O'Keefe


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