Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 - Results and Recap (Final)

Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 - Results, Recap and Review (Final)

Britain's Got Talent that aired on 08/06/2013 was the results show which was finally about to reveal the one who made it through week's of hard work to win the title.  As expected the show being the grand finale was dazzling throughout and had a fitting finish.  Read on for the complete Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 Results along with the recap and Performance Reviews of each contestants.

Note: Spoilers included below

Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 Results

Pre Skool

The show kicked off brilliantly with Pre Skool being very impressive with their dance.  The judges also looked to be very happy with the performance and said,

Alesha: This is a massive, massive occasion, you haven't let it bother you in the slightest...I think you attacked it even more tonight than you did in the semi-final."

Simon: "You've got the best personality of any contestants we've ever seen on this show.  You came out tonight not just to have fun but to win.  You've made me change my mind now, I don't want one kid, I just want 12."

Asada Jezile

Next up on BGT was Asada Jezile, Her singing was impressive as Amanda compared her to to the American Songstress and almost all the judges seemed to agree.

Alesha: "You are not normal.  You are actually a freak of nature.  It takes artists years to get to that level of stage performance and presence."

"I think you're voice, by the time you get to a recording studio...I can't wait to hear what your album sounds like.  I think you're ready."

Simon: "Well, You've done three performances so far for us and this was by a mile the best performance you have done for us, Backstage you are this sweet little girl and you come on stage and you turn into something else."

David: "It's like watching a superstar play the O2.  You are that good."


Gabz according to me was one of the best find's of Britain's Got Talent this season.  Her performance at the final results show was once again quite good as she played the piano and sang at the same time.  Despite her being a good find, considering the other exceptional acts it was bound to be tough for her to make it through.

Wild Card Revealed

The Wild card at Britain's Got Talent was about to be announced, it was none other than....Ventriloquist Steve Howlett.  He was the guy with a puppet who was beaten by Jordon during the Semi Final.

After knowing that he had been confirmed as a wild card entry he said "I've just won the lottery."

Steve Hewlett

Next act on 08/06/2013 was Steve Hewlett who had a puppet which looked like a twin of Simon Cowell.  Post the performance the judges had the following to say

Simon "I wasn't sure about this decision - but I've changed my mind," after which he brought fake  sinitta over the panel."

David: " We are giving it a go." as he hugged Si and Sin.

Regarding the act Amanda claimed Steve was BGT through and through and also confessed that he had been the unanimous choice of the judges to return.

She also said "I Couldn't be more delighted." and asked David "What is it like to have your hand up someone's backside?"

Jordon O'Keefe

Next up on the results show was Jordon O'Keefe who over the weeks have done pretty well and impressed the Judges, Tonight was no exception

David: "You are a ready made Pop Star.  You've got the voice, you've got the looks.  Whatever happens tonight,  I can't see you going away a big star."

Alesha: "I could listen to you sing all night.  Your voice is gorgeous.  I really hope you have a future and you have an album because i want to buy it."

Simon: "I've got to be honest with you.  When i heard you were doing that Katy Perry song I wasn't sure but that was a brilliant version...I like that you take risks.  You haven't taken the easy option...I've seen a vast improvement and you thoroughly deserve to be here."

Arisxandra Libantino

One of the most refreshing acts of the night was the singing by Arisxandra Libantino.  Despite being a 11 year old, through weeks she has shown why she deserves to be on the grand stage.

Alesha: "Such a massive song to take on, Christina Aguilera, and you did it with ease.  The most impressive thing your control.  You stand up there with confidence and i actually feel relaxed watching you"

Simon: "You started off a little bit tentative and then you got yourself together and you put your foot on the accelerator and it just went Bam! After this i genuinely don't know what's going to happen tonight."

David: "You just have this incredible, natural talent.  Not only your voice but your presence too.  It's like watching an adult who has had years and years of experience."

Francine Lewis

The Next act at Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 Results episode was Francine Lewis who kicked off her routine with Alan Carr who sounded like a very old lady.

While Referring to David she said "He's got so far in the closet he's in Narnia."

She also performed Geri Halliwell and Stacey Solomon, After a comic performance the judges had following to say

Simon: "Your confidence has grown throughout the competition...The scripts funny.  I really think we're seeing a star emerging from that show."

Alesha: "Is there anyone you can't do? You're talent's just brilliant, you look beautiful.  From start to finish was just brilliant."

Richard and Adam Johnson

When you have tons of brilliant acts or performances, there are a few that turn out to be just dull and boring.  Johnson Brothers act didn't impress many at BGT as the judges had the following to say

Simon: "I think you could win this competition." after which he said "The brothers weren't good at all."

After the act was over, there was an egg throwing incident where the 30 Year old Natalie Holt, a member of Richard and Adam's backing group threw several eggs on Simon.  The pair continued to sing as she was taken off stage by security. 

Hosts Ant and Dec claimed that this was not a part of the act and they would get to the bottom of what happened.

Natalie Holt later released a statement through a spokesman of the show as she said "I want to apologise to Richard and Adam for Overshadowing their performance.  "I've never done anything like this before and in hindsight i have realised it was a silly thing to do." 

Police were called but no action was taken.(BBC)

Jack Carroll

The eggs thrown earlier didn't in any way affect Jack Carroll's performance as he was brilliant once again at the Britain's got talent finals.  He got a standing Ovation from the judges.

Simon: "You are a very naughty boy, Only you can turn that thing with eggs into something funny."

The performance by Luminites was not as good as i expected it to be, After the eggs were thrown Simon seemed to be a little offbeat with his comments.


Last but not the least, the best act at Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 Final Results show came in the form of Attraction.  Aptly named these 9 Hungarian Shadow dancers put out a great show that referenced Winston Churchill.  As expected impressive judges had the following to say

Amanda: "You've Embraces Britain, and we've embraced you back."

Simon: "I  could not think of a better way to end these finals.  You've been brilliant throughout."

David: "I know all across the country that people will be in flood of tears."

Alesha: "That was so moving.  I thought that was epic."


Towards the end it was between Attraction, Richard and Adam and Jack Carroll to win the title this year.  The results finally revealed that Attraction had won the competition as one of their members said "It's amazing. yes, thank you very much."

That's it for the recap of the show, hope you enjoyed it!

What are your thoughts about the Britain's Got Talent 08/06/2013 Results?


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