Britain's Got Talent 31/05/2013 Results (Fourth Semi Final)

Britain's Got Talent 31/05/2013 Results, Recap and Review

BGT that aired last night (31/05/2013) was the fourth semi final episode which was expected to include one of the most dangerous acts ever. After watching few of the best get through, the contestants last night needed to be at the top of their game if they needed to have any chance of of securing a spot in the finals.  Read on for the complete Performance reviews of each contestants along with what the judges had to say about their acts.

Please Note: Spoilers included below.

Britain's Got Talent 31/05/2013 Results and Recap

The first act of the BGT fourth semi final night was performed by the Club Town Freaks, Who were a group of people dressed up in a weird costume as they did a bit of dancing and singing.  The judges didn't mind the performance and had the following to say

David Walliams: "Well done for dealing with that technical hitch so brilliantly.  It can be so nerve wracking when something like that happens."

Simon: "I mean you kind of summed up this week in a strange way.  Kind of a bit weird, unpredictable.  You were so much better than your first audition.. I don't think there's much of you making the final because I'm not sure normal people will get you."

Alex Keirl

Alex Keirl, 20 year old singer from Cheshire didn't get off to the best of starts at her first auditions at Britain's got Talent as she was told by Simon that her voice was too high.  Her performance on 31/05/2013 ended with her getting the following feedback by the judges.

Alesha: "The Control you have over your vocals is Admirable...I Knew you were good from the auditions but you were wonderful."

Simon: "I wasn't expecting that.  That's a really difficult for a girl tossing but for a guy it's really tough.  The only thing i question is, are you a star?"

David: "There's so many great versions of that song but i think your version is now my favorite... I think there are so many people out there now who are not conventional stars but he has the voice of a star."


Shockarellas, a group of dancers aged between 12 to 17 from Manchester were the next ones to perform at the fourth semi finals of Britain's got talent.  Their dance was fantastic and it looked evident through their performance that they had come in all prepared.  Judges looked to be quite impressed as well and commented the following

Simon: "It was wicked. I liked it. There were moments where it looked very small on that big stage because i think we're used to seeing bigger dance groups.  It was very good."

Alesha: "I admire you, i know how hard you work, I know your background.  I know there are a lot of kids around the country who are trying to do what you do but you do it well.  You do it with soul."

Poppin Ron

Poppin Ron's act was dance.  Having an emotional past where he lost his parents because of a house fire and was adopted by a family in the united kingdom, he managed to get mixed reviews.

Simon: "I hated the song, i thought it was very indulgent.  You are so much fun and you are a great dancer and really fun but this is about entertainment and i felt you were just doing something for yourself."

David: "I don't agree with Simon.  Just because he didn't get it doesn't mean it isn't any good.  It was entertaining.  It just wasn't shiny and happy and clappy.  It's a shame you can't see beyond that Simon.  You're very limited."

Amanda: "Ron, You have been on an incredible journey in you life.  I'm just glad that your safe now and that you've had this opportunity.  You did a great job."

James More

What's Britain's Got Talent without a bit of a magic?

James More was a magician who claimed he was about to do the most dangerous act ever during the fourth semi final episode.  His act involved him being trapped inside a cage as fire was set to a metal device,  The Spikes (which were on fire) then dropped after which the curtains were pulled down and More was seen blowing a horn behind the judges.  Weird!

Alesha: "I'm genuinely blown away by that.  How on earth did you do that?"

Amanda: "We have never ever had a reaction like that on this show, was sexy, it was cool.  It was amazing."

Simon: "Tonight we've had probably the best magician we've ever had... I liked the whole presentation, you've not got great looking people working with you.  To be this close and not know how it worked, Amazing."

Chasing a Dream

Next up on 31/05/2013 was a group named Musical theater act called Chasing the dream from London.  This was one of the least impressive acts of the night with Alesha and Simon Buzzing fairly quickly, they claimed the following

Alesha: "For me it's a bit too much of a cheese fest.  I just didn't like it, I'm Sorry."

Amanda: "I think the singing was great.  The staging needs work but if it was a little advert i would really want to go and see the musical."

Simon: "The reason i buzzed it, I found it so corny.  There was a lot of over-acting, the terrible dancing at the end.  I didn't like it."

Finally David said: "It's a bit like you've come to the theatre and you've arrived late and you don't really know what's going on but it's still great."

Francine Lewis

An impressionist named Francine Lewis was the next one to audition at Britain's got talent,  She did a few impressions of Dot Cotton and Sharon from EastEnders which was excellent.  For me this was one of the best acts of the night.  Judges commented the following about her act.

Simon: "I actually think this was better than your first audition.. I know you've had some stick because you had a bash at this a few years ago but i'm kind of annoyed about that because why shouldn't you? It's all about giving people a second chance.  I think the public are going to love you."

Alesha: "You are the act I've most been looking forward to seeing. You smashed it and i can't wait to see your own TV Show."

Francine responded by saying "It was amazing! This audience is electric tonight... I'm so nervous because my first audition went on so well.. I was worried about it.  I wanted to enjoy every second and i did."

Asada Jezile

The next performer at the fourth semi final on 31/05/2013 was Asada Jezile who was a 11 year old singer based in London.  Her performance seemed to impress the audience to an extent where they were on their feet and gave her a much deserved applause, the following is what the judges thought about her performance.

David: "When i found out you were going to do a Beyonce song i really hoped it wasn't going to be too big for you.  I was wrong... You were brilliant."

Alesha: "You are unbelievable.  Your stage presence for your age is incredible.  You're performing like you've been doing it for 10,20 years"

Simon: "OMG! I mean seriously, forget how old you are... It just doesn't matter.  If you've got it, you've got it... You are seriously, Seriously good.  You've got stage presence, you've got attitude.  For me the best of the night."

AJ and Chloe

The final act of the Britain's Got Talent fourth semi final on 31/05/2013 were a dancing couple of AJ and Chloe.  They are one of the top dancers in the show and the audience and the judges seemed to agree.

Amanda: "It was effortless.  You both look stunning.  You make me want to get up and join you and I'm totally rubbish... You've achieved so much through being on tonight's show. Congratulations!

Simon: "I thought it was flawless.  It was like you were dancing for the gold medal.  You can tell how much work you've put into it and i thought you were brilliant."

David: "Just when you think you've seen the best act of the night.  Another amazing one comes along...It was fantastic guys, i don't want to distract from that.  It was brilliant... that was very intense and powerful."

Who got through

The time had now come to decide Britain's got talent 31/05/2013 results, the judges decided to  push Asada and Francine through to the finals, Francine got the most public votes to get through automatically while Asada was selected by the Judges who had following to say.

David: "You've got two singers here who are equally good.  They've both got fantastic voices... I'm going to have to go on stage presence and, for me, i want to see Asada come back."

Alesha: "Both of you vocally tonight i couldn't find fault.  I'm genuinely torn but the act that i think will light the final up is Asada."

Amanda: "Two very different auditions... But for me i've had a soft spot right since the very beginning when we first saw him walk on stage and that is Alex."

Simon: "Alex, you know what.  The fact that you're in the top three, i was a bit surprised but i actually watched the tape back up in my dressing room and you sang that really well.  Asada you are a really talented person... I'm going to agree with Alesha and David, Asada you're through."

That's it for my recap and Review.  Hope you enjoyed it!

What are your thoughts about the Britain's Got Talent 31/05/2013 Results?


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