Blackberry Messenger for Android - Release date and Features

Blackberry Messenger for Android - Release date and Features

Those who don't own a blackberry smartphone but are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Blackberry Messenger for Android and IOS devices will be happy to know that the release date of the most anticipated messenger which brought blackberry to the map has finally been revealed.  As per the tweet from Blackberry world, the Blackberry Messenger for Android release date can be expected on June 27th, the BBM will also launch for IOS at the same date.  Lets take a closer look at the BBM features that can be expected post Release.


The features that can be expected from the messaging application after it's launch on June 27th will be limited in the beginning but will gradually be expanded through updates.  From what is known below is what you can expect from the messenger to start with.
  • BBM Chats
  • Voice Note Sharing
  • Group Chats
  • File Sharing
The announcement of the Messaging Application's launch for Android as well as IOS devices is something that will be welcomed by a lot of technology enthusiasts as it has been long awaited, It is really good to see that the company have finally decided to extend their support to other smartphones as well which means those who do not have a high end device but run an android OS will also be able to enjoy the application.

Although the name BBM might be irrelevant post June 27th (As the messenger will not be limited only to one device), the fact that BB was the first company who were able to launch a messaging application which was loved by many is something that cannot be denied and looking at the expansion, i wont be surprised if BB decided to change the name of their messaging application altogether once the product becomes available for Android and IOS.

What are your thoughts about the Blackberry Messenger for Android Release date?


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