Dark Souls 2 Release Date teased

Dark Souls 2 Release Date teased

The second installment of the famous action role-playing, open world video game is expected to launch sometime in March 2014 as per the NeoGAF forums.  Along with the Dark Souls 2 Release date, the post has also claimed that the upcoming game will make its way for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.  
Dark Souls Cover
Gamers who were hoping to see the second installment of the franchise on the Next gen consoles will be disappointed to know that there is no mention of any  release date for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or WII U at this time.

The title is expected to have gameplay which will be very similar to its predecessor and wont be tinkered with much, which is a good thing considering the first launch was quite good and from what is known about the story, it will revolve around a cursed character who tries to find a cure for his affliction.

Considering that the Dark Souls 2 Release Date is still approximately a year away, the developers will hopefully do justice to the franchise and the gamers will end up enjoying yet another massive hit.


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