Falling Skies 09/06/2013 - Recap and Review (Season 3 Premiere)

Falling Skies 09/06/2013 - Recap and Review (Season 3 Premiere)

The Season 3 Premiere of Falling Skies that aired on 09/06/2013 kicked off where the last season left off.  So far, Tom had scored his first major victory against the alien invaders and also killed one of the most powerful overlords with some help .  He also found out that his doctor friend Anne was pregnant with their child.  To know more about what happened during the Season 3 Premiere, Read on for the Falling Skies 09/06/2013 Recap.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

Falling Skies 09/06/2013 Recap

The Season 3 Premiere episode of Falling Skies that aired on 09/06/2013 kicked off with a few "Tethered" humans working for Skitters after which Col. Dan Weaver and the 2nd mass launched an attack that took out the soldiers and the skitters. 

Heroes under attack!

Moving on, A few bigger robot soldiers then went  on an attack, it all turned out to be a trap to put the heroes in a spot of bother.  Tom then arrived with a few new aliens to avoid a major disaster and thanks to the more powerful weapons the new aliens possess, he managed to save the day. 

The next scene of Falling Skies 09/06/2013 involved Tom going back to the human settlement in Charleston, he was greeted as Mr. President but he didn't like being called with that name.  General Bressler claimed that he did not like the president going out on military missions to which Tom responded by saying "Everyone fights."

Gabriel was then taken to the hospital where Anne (Who was pregnant) used a machine to remove the harness.

Tom and Military Council's Meeting and Hal's Nightmares

A meeting between Tom and Military Council took place , A lot of argument then followed regarding how the humans were dependent on friendly aliens.  Everyone looked visibly concerned about the attack in the morning that turned out to be trap which meant they probably had someone in their midst who was giving a few tips out to the bad aliens.  Tom ended up putting Manchester in charge of the investigation to find out who the odd one out was.

Another scene on 09/06/2013 showed Tom's son Hal having nightmares about his Ex- Girl Friend Karen who was now a part of the enemy aliens.  Despite being paralyzed from Waist down he still loved his new girlfriend maggie.

Eshveni's plan of a new offense

Tom then went on meet the rebel skitter leader and was told that Eshveni were planning a new offense.  At this point it was also revealed that the Eshveni cared less about beating the humans but was more concerned about their battle with the Volm.  The leader also told Tom that the new overlord appointed was very ruthless.  It was also revealed that the overlord was a former human.  Hmmm, Karen Maybe?

After Tom and Anne had a bit of a privacy, she confessed that she missed the road because they had more time together.  As they continued to speak Anne's water broke post which she was rushed to the hospital.

Who was the Spy?

Early on during the season 3 premiere episode, Manchester was given an important task of finding out the person who betrayed them, Just as he was close to knowing who the spy actually was, Someone came into his room and pulled a gun to which he responded "So, Its you."  As expected without us knowing who the culprit was the Spy ended up shooting Manchester.

Tom's Guilt and the Birth of his daughter

The next scene of Falling Skies showed Tom feeling guilty as the thought he was responsible for Manchester's death. The weapon that was used for the kill looked like some sort of a military one which helped narrow down the suspects.

Tom then got back to Anne in time for the birth of his daughter who was named Alexis.

Hal's second nightmare and Col Weaver's Worry

Hal had another nightmare about Karen.  In the dream she told him that she put a probe in his brain and the reason behind him unable to walk was beacuse he was fighting it.

Col. Weaver then came into Tom's office and congratulated him on the birth of his daughter.  He also claimed that he was worried about the alliance with the Volm.  Weaver said this was a human fight and he does not like relying o others to win it.

Next morning when Hal woke up his boots were missing which were later found in his closet with dirt on them.  Sleepwalking?

Tom was then seen taking Col. Weaver to see the secret project the Volm were working upon, which the Volm leader claims will win the war.

Second Hour

As you know, the Falling Skies 09/06/2013 Season 3 Premiere was split in two hours, the second hour kicked off with Ben mason on a mission, he found a base where the skitters had a bunch of mega-mechs and also a lot of dead human bodies.

Maggie and Hal ended up having a fight as she insisted that he could walk to which Hal Denied.  Maggie also claimed he was hiding something from her.

Military's Raid on Skitter Base, Anne and Tom's Weird Baby

The military Leaders then planned to raid the skitter base and were worried that the attack might end up causing the nuclear reactor to leak.  Tom met an expert named Dr. Cadar in Charleston and wanted to know if could help keep the reactor from raining radiation on everyone in charleston.

Anne and Tom's baby Alexis was very strange.  She was just weeks old but had already started talking and moving and was maturing very early which left Anne worried.

Dr. Cadar on the other hand explained them how to destroy the reactor without causing much harm.  It was very complicated for anyone else apart from him to do.  He eventually agreed to go on the mission as it was an important one which could help them really get one up over Eshveni.

Stealth Mode

Another Scene at Falling Skies 09/06/2013 saw Maj, Weaver and his team go towards the nuclear power plant for a sneak attack.  On the other side, the spy sneaked into the military HQ and found out about the attack plans and sent it to Karen and the army.  Weaver's men ended up being attacked ferociously, but it all ended up being a plan where the spy was actually meant to find out what he did.  The distraction was to allow Tom to lead another team into the power plant from a different side.

Tom's Team along with Dr. Cadar were busy setting up explosives to destroy the building properly inside the plant.   Dr Cadara's glasses ended up breaking in the process after which he instructed Tom to do most of the work.  Maggie on the other hand took out as many skitters as she could after which they finally ended up destroying the reactor.

An assessment was later made at Charleston to know how much they lost to win the battle.  Tom was excited for the Volm to finish their mega weapon.  Weaver on the other hand responded by telling tom that he did not even know what the weapon did.  Tom accepted that he was uncertain about Volm's motivations but suggested that Dr. Cadar would be able to help them to know what the weapon actually does.  Later, Volm Leader Cochise came and warned about Eshveni's retaliation.

The final Scene of Falling Skies 09/06/2013 saw Maggie waking up in the middle of the night with Hal Missing.  Maggie found out that the was walking in the woods but the moment he woke up he could not walk again.  It was revealed that Karen's meeting with Hal was not in his dreams but were actual happenings.  That's it for my recap of the show.  Hope you enjoyed it

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