Falling Skies 16/06/2013 - Recap,Review and Analysis

Falling Skies 16/06/2013 - Recap,Review and Analysis

The Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 2 (Badlands) that aired on 16/06/2013 revolved around Tom finding out the reason behind Anne's fears about the baby and an unknown external force which threatened to attack Charleston while the pope tried to save a wounded member of his team.  To know more about what happened during the entire episode, Read on for the complete Falling Skies 16/06/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

Falling Skies 16/06/2013 Recap

Before moving on to what happened during the Falling Skies episode this week, Lets take a look at a quick recap of last week's episode "Collateral Damage." 

Last week's episode saw Tom and crew trying to dismantle a nuclear power plant without contaminating the location.  Anne on the other hand looked worried about her baby while Matt looked to be a little indifferent.

It's Sniping Time

This Week's show kicked off with Matt changing the Walkie Talkie batteries and delivering refreshments to the soldiers on patrol.  None of them were aware that they were actually being watched by a sniper.  Tom took notice of Hal's therapy before looking into Jeannie's welding project for the Night's ceremony where a new sculpture was to be named as "Liberty Tree."  Back to the main area Crazy Lee was seen going to the bathroom before the sniper sprang into action.  Looking at the aftermath, the pope quickly ran towards to Lee, to see if her vest protected her.  Eventually the shot knocked her out over a piece of rebar which was now fitted in her brain.

Anne's worry

After hearing about the Shootout, Tom and Weaver ran towards the area and tried to take out the enemy snipers.  They were eventually surprised to find out that the man behind the sniper was actually a human soldier who was not under an influence of an Alien control.  Matt then arrived with a hacksaw to try and take out to rebar.  In another scene of Falling Skies 16/06/2013 that followed, Anne took a sample of baby Alexis' blood for analysis as she was worried about how such a small baby could speak and understand .  Anne was also in shock over the incident which left Lourdes worried about her mental well being.

Lets blow 'em up with a Bazooka

After the attempted Negotiations failed, Tom and Weaver finally managed to take out to remaining sniper courtesy of a Bazooka, she was eventually found unconscious inside a nearby building.  The pope on the other hand continued to try and saw through rebar to transport Lee.  A somewhat emotional scene then followed where blinded Lee begged the pope to let her go but Matt on the other hand requested the Pope to continue Sawing.

Hal's Surrender

Tom was welcomed to the office by Lourdes who explained that his Anne looked as though she was suffering from postpartum depression as all the tests on the child turned out to be normal.  Maggie on the other side found Hal getting set to leave as he felt he was under Karen's control and a threat to those around him.  Initially Maggie walked out but returned soon and claimed that she wanted to work  through their problems.

Anne's Confession

The moment had finally come at Falling Skies 16/06/2013 where Anne was given a chance by Tom to offer her side of the story.  Starting off by saying she wasn't crazy, Anne said that she felt Alexis might  not be human.  While changing the Baby's diaper, Tom found out that none of the claims made by Anne were true.  He requested Anne not to be happy with the child and not be let down by the enemies.  At the other side, Pope and Lourdes looked at Lee's X Ray and found out that the rebar prevented her brain from Hemorrhaging through the arteries but only for a short amount of time.

The Sniper's Mission

The Sniper finally turns conscious and reveals herself to be Catherine Fisher but refuses to divulge any information regarding the mission.  Tom eventually manages to find out that she had been observing Charleston from a long time and assumed her to be in collaboration with their enemies Skitters and Volm.  Catherine didn't budge despite Tom's accusations after which Weaver threatened her to show more respect to the president of the New United States.  Catherine finally broke and told them that she worked for the actual US President, Benjamin Hathaway.

Loudres' concern

The next scene of Falling Skies on 16/06/2013 featured Loudres showing his concern for Anne because of her recent stress regarding the baby.  Anne was smart enough to realize that more than this being a concern it was actually Tom's idea to keep an eye to Anne to ensure she did not hurt the baby.  Moving on, Tom found Matt near Lee's bedside as she bid goodbye to the woman who was unconscious.  Pope blamed Tom by saying it was because of his decision of placing Berserkers on Patrol who had no rest and no explanation for the volm device they were trying to protect that Lee's fate was sealed.

Final Moments of Lee

The Pope comforted Lee during her final moments, she claimed that she was having a dream of the two of them taking Matt to Disneyland, the pope then joked by saying that he'd then be banned for fighting goofy.  Lee finally gave in and passed away after which the pope found her necklace clutched in his hand and placed it on Matt as he walked away.  On the other side, Hal persisted that he was planning to confess to his father that he might be the mole, Maggie suggested against it as she said that if that's the case Tom wont be able to protect him from the citizens of Charleston.

The New Vice President

A new vice president was also revealed at Falling Skies 16/06/2013, in a scene Tom appointed Marina to be his new Vice president as Arthur had been murdered.  While addressing the crowd, Tom requested the public to continue fighting while they remembered what they had lost.  The citizens of Charleston then came one by one and hung a metal leave with the named of the loved ones as well as other items.

Just as Hal was about to reveal the truth to his father, an Espheni invasion began with beamers flying over head.  As the crowd were trying to run as fast as they could, Baby Alexis looked up at the Ship and Smiled.  What an ending!

That's it for my recap of the show this week.  Hope you Enjoyed it.

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