Falling Skies 23/06/2013 - Recap and Review

Falling Skies 23/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

Falling Skies that aired on 23/06/2013 was the fourth episode of season 3 which was named "At all Costs."  The main features of the show were Tom's meeting with the US President Benjamin Hathaway as he tried to stand up for Volm's involvement in the war, Anne's discovery of a bizzare truth about her baby and Hal's struggle as he tried to fightback against the Alien probe.  Read on for the complete Falling Skies 23/06/2013 Recap.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

Falling Skies 23/06/2013 Recap

Last week we saw Anne's fears about her baby, an attack on Charleston which was laid down by an external Human force and the pope's efforts as he tried to resurrect a wounded member of their team.  The end of the episode was brilliant where the baby looked up at the alien ship, it might well mean that Anne's fears were true.  Lets take a look at the review of the fourth episode of this American science fiction dramatic television series as it happened this week.

Falling Skies 23/06/2013 Recap: The Battle Ends

This week, the show kicked off right in between the battle.  Tom took Catherine outside to witness the Volm destroy a skitter aerial attack, The fight eventually stopped next morning after which, Hal looked for his father to talk but found Tom too busy to notice him.  Tom and Weaver then discussed about the losses they had endured during the battle before Fisher offered an apology to the president Hathaway through a radio to try to prove her side
of the story.

After Tom found out that the president knew everything about their situation, he agreed to meet him at his compound.  Lourdes told Ben, Deni and the other youths that the Volm Technology had the power to completely remove their spikes, which would eventually cost them their abilities but would increase their lifespan.  At Pope's bar, the pope hesistantly agreed Tom to borrow his plane on the condition that he would accompany him to meet the president.

Falling Skies 23/06/2013 Recap: Off to the President

Weaver and Anne wanted to know the reason behind Tom's decision to leave Charleston again.  Despite being nervous about the condition of the airplane, Cochise accompanied Tom in the flight to the president's camp after which, Anne paid a visit to Dr. Kadar for a DNA test on the De-Harnessed children and she also gave the Dr. a sample of Alexis' tissue.  On the other side, Ben tried to remove his spikes.

Fisher guided the flight to the President Hathaway's base, the Military force were not too happy with Cochise coming along.  Cochise cooperated as he was detained while Tom and General Bressler met the president to discuss the involvement of Volm during the course of the war.  Hathaway said that his forces had set up a minor communication network but also confessed that he was not too sure about trusting another set of aliens.

Falling Skies 23/06/2013 Recap: Cochise's Plea

Tom then brought President Hathaway in front of Cochise to hear his side of the story.  Cochise explained that he was born on the Volm Ship for the purpose of Fighting and confessed that he was just looking to end the conflict so that his descendants could one day see their home world.  

At Charleston, Ben told Deni his reason behind not undergoing the procedure. At this point, Hal found out that his dad had once again gone on a mission leaving him high and dry as his hallucinations tormented him that he will never confess the truth to anyone.

Falling Skies 23/06/2013 Recap: Anne's baby is an Alien

At Dr. Kadar's lab, Anne found out that Alexis' tissue had returned positive results for Alien DNA.  Kadar suggested them to confess the truth after which Anne knocked him out and grabbed the sample.  Moving back to the possessed Hal, he found Maggie returning after which Hal tried to aggressively seduce her to try and get her guard lowered.  On the other side, Ben found out that Deni had decided to not to undergo the procedure either after which they both went to a roof nearby to look at the stars.

The next scene showed Anne drugged with a wine after which Lourdes took her baby away from the base.  Anne was soon confronted by a Skitter and a harnessed child who was looking at her baby.  At the president's base, Tom and Hathaway found out that their location had been revealed and took separate flights to a different location.  Unfortunately for the President, Cochise was placed on the his plane.

Mid air, Both the planes tried to avoid the incoming Alien Ships.  Tom, Pope and Bressler witnessed the president's plane being shot down before their plane was also hit as they fell into the forest.  That's it for my recap.  Hope you Enjoyed it!

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