Far Cry 3: Prison Break In - Mission Objectives and Review

Far Cry 3: Prison Break-In Mission Objectives and Review

Far Cry 3's "Prison Break In"  level was the 8th level of the first person shooter and started from where "Playing the Spoiler" left off.  Once again the objectives  were pretty straight forward with not much to do but were quite fun to play.  Lets now take a closer look at Far Cry 3 Prison Break In Mission Objectives along with a few pictures and a video from the level.

Far Cry 3: Prison Break-In Mission Objectives

  • Reach Sunset Cove 
  • Head towards the camp
  • Kill the camp operator and get the prison key
  • Explore the Prison

Sunset Cove

The Cove is located  towards the west of the logging camp which you must have traveled during the previous level of Far Cry 3.  Another way you can get to the Sunset Cove is through quick travel to Amanaki Town and then heading southwest or by using a glider located at the radio tower (West of the camp.)

I would recommend you to use the glider and i found that to be the quickest way to go reach the cove.  However proceed with caution as a bit of rash gliding can get you in trouble.


After you manage to reach the radio tower, you will receive a call from Dr. Alec Earnhardt's phone with Daisy on the line.  Once you have finished talking, reach to the top of the radio tower and activate it and zipline down to the location which will be very close to one of the mission objectives.

Kill the Camp Operator and Get the Prison Key

This part of the level in Far Cry 3 is  a little tricky as you need to carefully stealth your way through killing the guards .  The Camp Operator will be located somewhere in the northern area of the camp. In case you are finding trouble finding the key.  Have a look at the video below.

Explore the Cave

Once you get the key, go through the cave and clear out a few guards.  Its pretty straight forward from here. Once you reach towards the end a cut scene will play and the mission will end.

Pictures from the level

Prison Break-In

Going through the water

Inside the Cave

What are your thoughts about the Far Cry 3 Prison Break in Mission Objectives?


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