Injustice Mortal Kombat DLC Announced

Injustice Mortal Kombat DLC Announced

Injustice Cover
Warner bros, the publishers of the fighting video game based upon the fictional universe of DC comics have confirmed the launch of their upcoming downloadable content which will be the Injustice Mortal Kombat DLC. 

It has also been confirmed that NetherRealm, the developers of the game have employed Jim Lee (Comic Artist) to help create an interpretation of the Scorpion character for their upcoming downloadable content.

Currently, no release date has been confirmed for the upcoming launch but from what has been confirmed that the DLC is expected to be priced at $4.99 on the PlayStation Network and 400 Microsoft points on Xbox 360.

The Scorpion character which will be the feature of the upcoming downloadable content will be a resurrected Ninja who has appeared in almost all the Mortal Kombat Games.

The Fighting game had released for Xbox 360, WII  and PlayStation 3 on April 17 in North America and has been receiving mixed reviews ever since.

What are your thoughts about the  Injustice Mortal Kombat DLC?


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