Mad Men 02/06/2013 Recap

Mad Men 02/06/2013 Recap, Review and Analysis

The Tale of Two Cities was the Season 6 Episode 10 of Mad Men that aired this week, The Sunday Night show kicked off with Megan and don watching the Demographic National Convention while Don prepared to head to California for his business trip.  Megan warned Don by Saying "Stay away from that actress." to which Don replied by saying "I hate actresses."  Read on to know more about what happened at Mad Men that aired on 02/06/2013.

Mad Men 02/06/2013 Recap

Moving on, The Board members of the SCDPD or something i cannot pronounce were seen discussing about the problem of their weird name.  On the Flight, Roger told Don to just be himself to which he replied "Our biggest challenge is to not get syphilis." after which he sent a round of drinks to the pilot.

After the developments of Vietnam, Stan and Ginsberg were seen listening to the radio when Jim interrupted and asked them to get back to work.  Things got a little out of hand when Ginsberg called Jim a Fascist.  He said "You love business and you hate everything else."  Jim responded by saying "I hate Hypocrites.  Like hippies who cash checks from Dow Chemical and General Motors."  Bob Benson also ended up being a part of the fight and said "Michael, What are you doing? That man is your boss."

Another scene saw Joan super excited as she took Avon's head of Marketing to Lunch, Joan was also nervous about setting up a meeting while Don was out but Peggy motivated her to go for it which she eventually did.

Don and Roger were then shown driving around in California. Roger said "Can you get us something with a roof? I don't want to show up to a meeting with bugs in my teeth."

At the Avon's meeting, Mr. Avon was shown sitting down and ordering a tomato juice and coffee.  My reaction to that...EWWWWWW!

Avon after ordering a couple of weird drinks said "Hippies don't wear makeup.  I don't know if we should try to be groovier, or Nostalgic."

Roger, Don and Harry tried to convince carnation to go with their agency as things were not quite going well.  The head of Carnation responded by saying "long-haired fools shame this country." after which things got a little more out of hand.  Roger responded to the Carnation by saying "We're Sorry your last girlfriend hurt you.  We're in your office right now."

Joan and Peggy were then shown arguing as Joan suggested Peggy to sleep with Don to move forward.  She said "You were so brave letting Don carry you to the deep end of the pool." To this Peggy Responded by saying "I never slept with him."

Moments before the Manischewitz meeting, Ginsberg was shown freaking out.  Stan tried to calm him down as Gisberg said "I love you, you know that, you're a mother hen.  Hen? Really?, Bob Benson also chipped in as he said "Come on Buddy!" "What i see is fear.  Not a fear of failure, fear of opportunity." After this Stan walked out of the room.

Back to California, Roger, Don and Harry were seen having some fun at a party.  They met up with an old employee of SCDP named Danny along with his friend.

The following scene showed Don looking for a restroom, While searching he found the party Hostess and the keeper of the hookah who said "There's an extra nipple for you."

Lotus had her eyes set on Roger, noticing which Roger said "If you're trying to see through me just know that i am this handsome. And this rich."  Just as Roger tried to take Lotus home he got a punch in his crotch via Danny.

On the other side Danny was making out with the Hostess, through his make out session he had visions of Megan who said "I quit my Job." 

Joan and Peggy ended up ditching Pete after Avon sent them a giant box of samples to their office.  Pete then called Ted to Punish Joan and Peggy but Ted seemed to care less as he said "Pete, All agency business is your business." 

The name of the company was then finally announced as "Sterling Cooper and Partners" as Jim Said "It's the only thing that's equally offensive to all."

That's it for my recap.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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