Mad Men 16/06/2013 - Recap,Review and Analysis

Mad Men 16/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Season 6 Episode 12 of the Mad Men called "The Quality of Mercy" that aired on 16/06/2013 featured the aftermath of where the previous episode left off last week.  Looking back at a quick recap of last week, Shelly caught Don cheating on Megan with Sylvia while Ted and Peggy seemed to be sharing a chemistry of their own and Bob looked to have made a pass at Pete.  To know about what happened last night, Read on for the complete Mad Men 16/06/2013 Recap along with the review and Analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers included below

Mad Men 16/06/2013 Recap

Megan and Don's Sleepover

The Mad Men 16/06/2013 episode kicked off with Megan and Don waking up after spending the night in Sally's room.  Because of Don's excessive drinking, Megan said "You have to pull back the throttle" and further added "Please try and sleep it off" She then made her way out the door to Probably make Don feel a little guilty to get him out of his comfort zone which was to drink as much as he could.

Who Killed Kenny?

Good ol' Kenny who was out hunting when a gunshot was heard after which he was on the ground.  Now who could have possibly killed Kenny? any Guesses?  

Brilliant way to get people at the edge of their seats during the start of the episode, Don't you think?

Don's lethargic way of life

Moving on, Don was shown in a scene where he was in front of The television without a shave and looked visibly sad.  Getting all the chicks still being sad? Sigh, What has this world come to?  

An icing on the cake was when Don tried to change channels and saw Megan on her Soap Opera, Don immediately changed the channel because of his hatred of what Megan does.  

Sally's Interest in Boarding School

The next scene at Mad Men 16/06/2013 saw Betty calling the draper house to talk about Sally.  Sally in no way looked interested in having anything to do with Megan and Don and instead wanted to go to a boarding school.  

Don said "I'll pay for all of it." as he felt guilty because of the day when Sally walked up on him getting intimate with his mistress.

Peggy and Ted'S Flirtatious behavior

Peggy and Ted at the 16/06/2013 episode were then seen Flirting around with each other as they were trying out slogans for Juice.  Ginsberg said "Did you mention cran-prune sounds like a glass of diarrhea?"

Why Ginsberg Why, didn't you have anything better to say?

Moving on in Mad Men, Don like he is in at least half of the episodes was seen in bathrobe, Megan walked in and invited him a little bit but the moment was ruined soon enough when Don received a call from Harry who said "I've got good news." to which Don responded by asking "What? You found a hooker who takes travelers' checks?"

It was then revealed that Sunkist wanted to hire sterling, cooper and partners.

Megan and Don's Movie Date

Megan and Don then went for a movie to see Rosemary's baby.  Yes, out of all the movies this one is all they could think of sigh!

Apparently the movie was not the only horror they had to face as they ran into Peggy and Ted.  Don's eyes were stuck on Peggy and Ted.

Commenting on the movie, Megan said "I would never live in an apartment like that." Seriously, with so many ghosts around, who would?

Don't worry, Kenny is OK

The next scene of Mad Men 16/06/2013 revealed that Kenny was ok and was just shot in the eye while hunting with the folks from Chevy...Looks like someone was up for some mischief.  Kenny was really stressed with the Chevy guys as well as because he was expecting the arrival of his baby.

Moving on, Roger and Don met Ted and Jim, Jim said "Great Caesar's Ghost," when he heard good news about the Sunkist deal.  Ted on the other hand was being more professional about things as he reminded everyone about the possibility of a conflict of interest in the whole idea.  He said, "Why don't we just call our clients and tell them to expect a knife in their back."

A meeting about the Chevy account resulted in the partners deciding to give the account to Pete and Bob.  After the meeting Pete said to bob "I don't want to work with you, and i don't want to stay in a hotel with you. You're sick."  Bob's denial on knee gate incident angered Pete even more.

Betty was then trying to figure out why Sally was so interested in going to the boarding school all of  a sudden while Pete was trying to get through to Duck who was a head hunter to try to lure Bob into another firm.  Bob was then seen on the phone yelling in Spanish about Pete.

A hilarious scene then followed where Don Draper was supposed to make baby Noises as he was asked to play a part of the baby and so he does.

Pete's Mom plans a Vacation along with Manolo

Pete's mom was at his office to get her passport as Manolo wanted to take her out for a vacation.  Out of the blue, she told Pete that Manolo was not happy with the way Pete was treating Bob.

Sally Spent a night at the boarding school for her interview.  She was hanging out with a couple of girls in between which one of the girls told her "You're not allowed to talk anymore," while the other asked for Booze and Cigarettes.  Glenn was then seen climbing up the window with Liquor bottles and a friend.

Bob's Background

Duck and Pete were then talking on the phone with Duck having some background info on Bob Benson.  He reveals that Bob didn't got to Wharton, he was actually from West Virginia.  Duck further claimed that Bob's parents were siblings and he used to be a manservant but ran away.  He the said "His only job opportunity was someplace dumb enough not to ask any question to which Pete Responded "I've never seen anything like this."

Glenn then makes his way to the other room with one of the boarding school girls which left Sally alone with an even more creepier friend.  Sally was not into him and told Glenn that his gross friend was being gross and makes him leave.

Don Draper to the Rescue

Another scene on 16/06/2013 of Mad Men Episode saw Ted over budget for a campaign which left the executives within the company pissed, a meeting was then held regarding the same with the executives looking for some answers.

Don came to the rescue of Ted as he told those present at the meeting that Ted had gone over the budget due to personal reasons.  Don then told the executives that it was Frank Gleason's last idea to which the executives responded by saying "You should have told us!"

As good as Don Draper was in saving Ted, Ted showed his angry side by yelling at him by saying "That was your solution?"  Don retaliated by saying "I know your girl has beautiful eyes, but that doesn't mean you give her everything."

The following scene of Mad Men 16/06/2013 saw Pete storm into Bob's office, Bob asked him if he would like to have some coffee.  Pete responded by saying "It's no wonder that you're so expertly servile."  Bob asked him what was it that he wanted to which Pete said"I want you to graciously accept my apologies, work alongside me but not too closely." and he also wanted Manomo to leave his mother alone

Sally finally got into the boarding school.  As betty was driving her home, Sally asked for a cigarette which Betty gave her.  Betty Said "I bet your father's given you a beer to which Sally said "My father has never given me anything."

Peggy was not to happy about what Don did.  Peggy said "I'm just looking out for the agency," to which Don responded that Peggy was a monster after which Don took a nap on his couch.  That's it for my recap of Mad Men on 16/06/2013, hope you enjoyed it.

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