San Antonio Spurs Vs Miami Heat 06/06/2013 - Results and Review

San Antonio Spurs Vs Miami Heat 06/06/2013 - Results, Review and Statistical Highlights

The NBA finals between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat on 06/06/2013 ended with the results going in San Antonio's favor, although the Basketball match looked to be close through the quarters, towards the end it was the spurs who held their nerves and played superbly to attain a 1-0 NBA Finals lead.  Read on for the complete San Antonio Spurs Vs Miami Heat 06/06/2013 Results along with the statistical Highlights of the match.

Statistical Highlights

The Lineup of both the teams for their match up on 06/06/2013 was Tony Parker - point guard, Danny Green - shooting guard, Kawhi Leonard -small forward, Tim Duncan,  power forward and Tiago Splitter - center for the San Antonio Spurs.

Mario Chalmers - point guard, Dwyane Wade - shooting guard, LeBron James - small forward, Udonis Haslem -power forward and Chris Bosh - center.  Lets now take a closer look at the performance reviews of each teams as it happened last night.

First Quarter

  • Miami Heat were the first one's to score in the first quarter on 06/06/2013 with 11:41 remaining. Chris Bosh made a steal after which James got the ball to wade, who scored their first basket. (0-2)
  • San Antonio Spurs were quick to reciprocate to attain a lead with 10:56 remaining.  Tony Parker hit a bucket after which Leonard claimed the first foul of the game on Haslem and made two free throws. (4-2)
  • Danny Green hit a three pointer and Splitter made a layup after which was the first MIA timeout with 09:56 remaining (9-2)
  • With 09:45 seconds still remaining  Chalmers got the ball and passed it to Bosh who got fouled by Leonard while he was trying to shoot, He ended up getting one of two free throws.  (9-3)
  • Splitter tried to take a shot over Haslem but Haslem grabbed the ball and took it to the other end for Chalmers to hit three in the corner with 08:53 remaining. (9-6)
  • Chris Bosh was the next one to score the basket for MIA as the lead was starting to narrow down. (9-8)
  • A foul was implemented on Tim Duncon with 07:56 minutes remaining which was not appreciated by SA.  Wade then made a one of two free throws to level the game (9-9)
  • With 07:01 remaining, thanks to Tony Parker the SA were in the lead for a brief amount of time but LeBron James quickly passed the ball to Chris Bosh who hit a basket to level the score once again (11-11)
  • MIA were finally able to get a lead with 05:07 remaining because of a LeBron Layup, Parker reciprocated with a layup of his own which was fantastic to see.  Mario Chalmers ended up making a basket which ended the score at 13-15.
  • Manu Ginobilli and Boris Diaw were substituted in the game for Leonard and Splitter.  Danny Green hit a three pointer to help SA in the lead with 04:47 on the clock. (16-15)
  • Boris Diaw made a layup to help the SA score once again with 03:47 remaining. (18-15).
  • LeBron James scored his first Three Pointer of the night with 03:01 remaining to tie the game (18-18).
  • Ginobili made one of his free throws but MIA had an answer in the form of Ray Allen with 2:23 left on the clock.  The scores ended at (19-21).
  • Tim Duncan got another foul with 01:47 remaining.  Not a good thing for SA.  LeBron James then ended up hitting one of two free throws as Chris Andersen was introduced for the first time for MIA. (19-22)
  • Mike Miller made a big time layup over splitter to help MIA extend lead (23-24).
The first quarter ended with a score of 23-24.  At this stage results remained still in the balance as both teams were neck to neck.

Second Quarter

  • The start of the second quarter on 06/06/2013 kicked off with Norris Cole assisting Ray Allen who hit a three pointer with 11:45 Remaining (23-27).
  • Chris Anderson made onf ot the two free throws after which Leonard reciprocated to get close at a score of 25-28 with 10:41 remaining.
  • Mike Miller hit a three pointer to push MIA ahead by a big margin (26-31).
  • Ray Allen made another three pointer after which Manu Gionbili also hit a three pointer of his own.  Chris anderson also successfully hit a shot with 09:15 remaining (29-33).
  • Le Bron James hit a bucket as the scores went up to 29-38 with 08:14 remaining.
  • Tim Duncan finally managed to make a score and managed to block Andreson from making a score (31-38).
  • Danny Green hit a three pointer with 06:48 on the clock and scores now reached 34-38.
  • Bosh Picked up a foul on Duncan after which Duncan hit both free throws and the MIA lead was just two but increased to four after wade's jumper (36-40)
  • Duncan made another shot but that didn't seem to be good enough as Wde made back to back shots for Miami with 4:28 remaining (38-46)
  • With 3:43 remaining in the clock Duncan made a layup and Leonard got on the line after being fouled by Chris Bosh.  Not many points made here as the scores of 42-46
  • Dwayne Wade got on the free throw line after Danny Green fouled him as he earned some good points with 03:15 remaining (42-48).
  • Duncan hit a basket with 01:35 remaining (44-48).
  • Le Bron James didn't miss a layup as Shane Battier picked up a foul to put Tony parker on the line with just 52 seconds left. (44-50).
  • Tony Parker made one of his two free throws (45-50)
  • Parker scored quickly with 23.1 seconds left, Eric Spoelstra took his 20 second timeout (47-50).
  •  Wade scored another bucket with a score on 49-52 at the end of second quarter.
Still Neck to Neck and results still remained in the balance.

Third Quarter

The Third Quarter on 06/06/2013  saw the match going back and forth just like the previous quarters.  San Antonio Spurs eventually won the match by a close margin because of which Miami Heat will be a little disappointed, but after watching the NBA finals last night i can confidently say that they not even one bit looked like the losing team despite results not going their way.

Top Performers

San Antonio Spurs: T. Duncan 20 Pts, 14 Reb, 4 Ast, 3 Blk
Miami Heat: L. James 18 Pts, 18 Reb, 10 Ast

    San Antonio Spurs Vs Miami Heat 06/06/2013 Results (Scorecard)


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