The Voice 10/06/2013 - Recap and Review

The Voice 10/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Voice on 10/06/2013 saw a few superb performances by the top 5 singers and also included an awesome performance by Usher himself.  With only 5 singers left, the competition is getting heated up as we get even more closer to the results to find out the champion of this season.  Read on for the complete Voice 10/06/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers included below

The Voice 10/06/2013 Recap

The two hour episode on 10/06/2013  kicked off with Usher performing to his new single "Twisted."  Each singer on Monday night performed to two songs as Blake Shelton still looked dominant with two singers still remaining while Usher, Shakira and Adam Levine were left with one singer each.  Lets now take a closer look at the performance reviews of each singers as it happened last night.

Team Blake

Swon Brothers were the first singers from Blake's team as they performed to the song "Turn the page" by Bob Seger, they dedicated the song to their past and present band members.  Their performance was so good that Adam Levine ended up creating something called as a "Swon Salute" for the duo's future fans. 

The second song they performed to involved Zack Swon taking on the piano as he performed to Anne Murray's "Danny's song" with Cody Swon.  Usher was happy with the performance and claimed them to be true artists.

The second performer from Team Blake was Danielle Bradbery who first performed to "Please remember me" by Tim McGraw.  Usher commented "You're so graceful, at your age to have that type of control, it's just remarkable."

Bradbery's second performance was the song "Who I am" by Jessica Andrews.  Shakira was was very impressed by her performance as she said "You are such a little star, and you're the cutest thing ever!"  "You're going to grow up to do great things."

Team Shakira

Sasha Allen  from Shakira's team kicked off her campaign by performing "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston.  Adam Levine claimed that she conquered one of the toughest songs while Shakira said "I think you made Whitney's fans really proud."

The second song she performed to was "Bad Girls" by Donna Summers which ended up with Usher giving her a standing ovation.

Team Usher

Michelle Chamuel from Usher's team decided to first sing the song "Clarity" by Zedd featuring feat. Foxes.  Shelton said "I'm always amazed at how dramatic you can be."

Her second song choice was "Time after time" by Cyndi Lauper which she dedicated to Usher.  Shakira said "You are on a permanent crescendo, and i enjoy it every time you get up onstage."  Levine claimed her performance was better than Javier colon (Season 1 champion.)

Team Adam

The final performer at The Voice 10/06/2013 was Amber Carrington who first sang the song "Firework" by Katy Perry.  Shakira appreciated her for performing the "Nightmare song" well.  Shelton was impressed with her versatility. 

The second song she sang was Maroon 5's single "sad"

Shelton commented on her performance by saying "The fact that you can make one of Adam's songs that beautiful, that's doing something!" "I can't wait to buy your record.  

That's it for my voice Recap, hope you enjoyed it. Tuesday Night will be the results show where two of the five singers with lowest votes will be eliminated, it will be interesting to see who makes it through.

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