Top Ten Best Free Android Games of June 2013

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of June 2013

As we reach closer to the end of June 2013, Let me share with you ten of the titles i have played on my Smartphone (Sony Xperia P) this month.  Prior to this month i had given up hope on mobile gaming but luckily after i somehow managed to force myself to find something worthwhile, i came across a few which were really addictive.  So without waiting any further lets take a closer look at the Top Ten Best Free Android Games of June 2013 which will guarantee you see "Battery Low" more frequently on your Mobile Phone.

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of June 2013

10. Stunt Biker : BMX

Stunt Biker : BMX Free

Stunt Biker BMX is a stunts racing bike game, the game is not very good with graphics but has a huge potential to be one of the best if the developer does a few minor tweaks.  The main Objective of the game is to make the crowd cheer for you as you do a few insane tricks in front of a jam packed Stadium.

Download on Google Playstore here.

09. Car Parking

Car Parking


A 3D Car Simulator game that revolves around players trying to park a car does not offer much but is super addictive.  While the game's objective is plain and simple, one thing is for sure, you will not realize how quickly the time passed you by while playing.

Download on Google PlayStore here.

08. Bottle Shoot

Bottle Shoot
Another one of the titles that makes it to the top ten list is a game which don't offer much apart from reliving stress on a tiring day.  The main focus of the title revolves around a player shooting and breaking bottles.  This is one of a few titles which i frequently play when i get a few minutes off at office as it works out well as a stress buster.

Download on Google PlayStore here.

07.  Cricket World Cup Fever

Cricket World Cup Fever
The next on my list is Cricket World Cup Fever, after playing Stick Cricket from the past two months i was looking for something better with graphics and a different set of controls.  This game to my amazement performed exactly how i wanted it to and for me is one of the classic cricket titles on play store currently.

Download on Google PlayStore here

06. Hill Climb Racing 

Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing released a while back but was still one of the top ten best free android games of June 2013.  The game has some beautiful hill climbing environments with many different cars and is continues to be one of the most addictive titles around. 

Download on Google PlayStore here

05. SongPop

Songpop is a game which revolves around the players Guessing song clips, Sending challenges to friends and Strangers.  Depending on the score you make on a week to week basis you win against your opponent.

Download on Google PlayStore here

04. Sonic CD Lite

Sonic CD Lite

If you are really into gaming, at some point of your life you must have played Sonic on your Sega.  This is one of the Top ten Best Free Android Games of June 2013 for a reason which is to relive memories.  While i wouldn't say the game is graphically good but its definitely a joy to play on an Android Smartphone.

Download on Google Playstore here

03. The Abandoned School

Abandoned School

Those who love horror survival genre will also love to play The Abandoned School for Android, The game has a lot of horror quests which will keep you thrilled and engrossed throughout.

Download from Google Playstore here

02. Taxi Gone Crazy

Taxi Gone Crazy

Another one of those fun games that revolves around you driving a taxi and jumping the ones that block your way but Remember you have to beat the clock or you lose.

Download from Google Playstore here

01. Spirit Walkers  

Spirit Walkers
How much ever i say about this game will end up being less.  Undoubtedly, from the The other top best Free android games of June 2013, this one takes the cake.  A fantastic puzzle game with a compelling storyline and some superb riddles to solve.  I can play this game all eternity its that good.

Download from Google Playstore here 
What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best Free Android Games of June 2013?


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