True Blood 16/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

True Blood 16/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

True Blood Season 6 Premiere named "Who are you, really?" that aired on 16/06/2013 was a fallout from where the previous Season ended.  The show has never failed to excite its fans and continued to thrill once again with the first episode of 6th season, as it included a lot of action, emotion and drama throughout.  Read on for the complete True Blood 16/06/2013 recap along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers included below.

True Blood 16/06/2013 Recap

The  True Blood episode on 16/06/2013 kicked off with a recap of the last season which ended with Billith rising from the blood.  If you remember the last episode of the 5th season, Bill had drank the blood of Lilith which had a weird affect on him as he first exploded and then imploded into some kind of a monster, Last night's show revolved around the same and revealed a bit more about how the life of others around him changed from this point onwards.

Run it's Billith

The beginning of True Blood saw Eric and Sookie trying to escape Billith from a building which could go up in flames any second.  At one point during the scene Billith got really mad and created havoc as he screwed around with electricity, Killed a security Guard and showed his dominance.  Eric and Sookie on another hand were stuck in an elevator where Sookie showed a bit of her fairy power as she used the light through her hand to help Eric force his way out of the elevator.

Nora to the Rescue

On the another side, Jason, Tara, Pam, Nora and Jessica joined forces to try and prevent the attack of the security guards.  Pam is known to have a lovely bitchy kind of attitude and she did not disappoint in this scene either as she went after Nora asking her who the hell she thought she was to order Pam.  To this Nora responded, "I promised your maker that i would take you to safety, as for who i am, Pamela, that's something you should ask Eric, if he makes it."  I wonder if Nora is aware about how possessive Pam actually is about Eric. Bad Move!

At this point the building started shaking violently because of a growl by Billith and they all fled in a jiffy.

Luna Moves on

True Blood's Last season saw Luna converting herself Steve Newlin which had a very adverse affect on her body.  On True Blood 16/06/2013, Luna was seen trying to escape with her daughter and Sam but gave up in between after which she passed away.  Before she went to meet her maker, She took a promise from Sam to protect her daughter and be by her side throughout.

The music at this point was phenomenal, A few security guards were then seen checking on Luna as one of them claimed  "It's dead."

We got to save Eric and Sookie

Nora, Pam, Tara, Jessica and Jason made it out of the building through the flames, Jason was very concerned for his sister at this point and tried to get back into the building to try to bring her back but Nora didn't allow him to do so as she said, "It's too late." to which Jason responded by saying "We ain't leaving my sister." and Pam added "Or Eric, we have to go back for them."  To this Nora said "You would be no good to anyone blown to bits, and so when i tell you to move, you will bloody move and that means all of you."

Eric and Sookie are the smartest after all

What do we have here, a car stopping and guess who is in it, Eric and Sookie! they are alive, I wonder how they made it out before the others, probably Eric has more powers than the other vampires.  ah well, Moving on everyone was finally revealed as Eric said, "It's about time we ditch this party." Jessica with a lot of concern asked Sookie "Bill?" to which she shook her head.

The building then went up into flames, and just as they all were leaving Nora asked Eric to stop the car, everyone looked at the building in amazement with Billith standing in front.  Jessica asked "Is it bill?" to which Sookie responded by saying, "Not anymore!"  The funny thing about this scene was once they realised how powerful bill had actually gotten everyone was like lets quickly get out of here after which they showed Billith rocketing up the sky just like a superman.

In the Car

While going in the car sookie claimed that if Billith wanted them killed, he would have done it already to which Eric agreed.  Nora on the other hand was concerned about Bill being born in Lilith's image. 

After they stopped speaking the scene focused on the radio in the car which said that the Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell had an urgent press conference.

No Vamp would love a governor such as Truman Burrell

The Governor started of the press conference on 16/06/2013 by saying that he did not have anything against the vampires as species, he also claimed that people had welcomed the vampires because of which their population was huge.

He further said that because of the terrorist attack which led to the reduction of True blood, the vampires had killed many humans which was not acceptable.  He gave people the authority to have guns and to keep wooden bullets to defend themselves as well as their families as they were in America to which a girl from the audience responded by saying "Stop the bloodshed, Governor," and then she threw something on him which exploded with blood.  Before she was taken out of the place by security she said "Human for Vamps."

The Governor also imposed an immediate vampire curfew and said that they were executing an executive order 846 to shut down all Vampire business immediately.  Jason in the car looked to be highly motivated and loved the governors speech while Nora took responsibility as she said they were responsible for the attack to reduce the true blood and turning the world against them.

At the Beach

It was evident that Neither Pam nor Nora liked each other.  They got into an argument after which Eric stopped the car and asked everyone to get out as he needed to speak to Nora Privately.  After getting down from the car, Pam asked Eric who Nora was and if she could kill her, Eric responded by saying that she was his sister to which Pam looked very unhappy and asked Eric that he didn't tell anything about his sister to her in 100 years of being together.  Eric continued to be rude with her and asked her to either watch out for him or get out of his face.

Eric then asked Nora if there was anything in the book of Lilith that spoke about her resurrection to which Nora responded by saying she didn't know, Eric continued to pressurize her by  saying she read the book over and over again after which Nora said if there was something in that book she would have definitely known.  She also further said that one drop of Lilith's blood made her go against her family, god knows what will happen to Bill who drank the whole thing.

Nora then told bill that if Lilith was walking around they needed to destroy her, this was over head by Jessica who didn't agree and was upset because she was connected to bill as he was her maker.

Tara tries to get closer to Pam

The next scene of True Blood on 16/06/2013 saw Pam sitting in the beach and probably telling the best quote of the day.  She said "I hate the beach, Fish piss and sand in your cooch."  Tara tried to console her and probably draw Pam towards her, I can say she succeeded to an extent, not my much though.

Jessica's concern 

While washing her blood tears through the beach water, Sookie came in to console Jessica who was worried about Bill.  Jessica asked Sookie if she loved Bill, to which Sookie Responded, Bill was my first and then went on to say that she had a lot of Bill's blood within her.  However she also made Jessica understand she saw Bill die in front of her eyes and what came back was not him and tried to convince her to let bill go.  Jessica was worried that if bill was gone she will end up being alone to which sookie responded by saying she will never be alone.

The next scene of True Blood on 16/06/2013 saw Nora telling Eric that she thought Jason knew something that he was not telling them.  Eric responded by saying that he never even read the book of Lilith to which Nora asked Eric how did he know about warlow then,? Eric then asked who was Warlow to which Nora responded by saying that Jason knew something that he himself didn't know.

Jason goes on a rampage

Nora went to ask Jason what he knew about Warlow to which Jason responded aggressively by asking her to start first.  Nora then took control of him by looking into his eyes and Jason told everything he knew.  He said Warlow was a vampire who killed his parents.  

Once Jason was back to his senses he was out of his mind as he took the gun and pointed it at Nora and said he was sick and tired of being used by the Vampires.  He then said he would kill Nora if she didn't tell him where Warlow was.  This led to Eric also being angry and threatening Jason that he will not be alive if he hurt Eric's sister.  Nora eventually said that she did not know about Warlow but she had read about him in the book of Lilith.

Tara, Sookie and Pam then made it towards the scene and Sookie came in front of the firing line which ended with Jason being disappointed with her as he said she was dead for him as all the vampires as she always ended up changing sides.

Bill's Summon

The next scene saw Bill trying to Summon Jessica.  Jess said that she felt as though bill was using his fist to squeeze his heart.  Sookie then said they will need to take to Bill and said she would go to bill along with Jessica with or without Eric to which Eric responded by saying "be careful."

Tara volunteered to go with Sookie but was pulled by Eric.  While Eric was leaving, Pam asked him not to but Eric decided to leave anyway with Nora.

Alcide is the new Packmaster

It was also revealed during the episode that Alcide was the new Packmaster.  His father said it was up to him to either back out or become the packmaster.  The rules were simple he had to eat human flesh which he did.  A beautiful girl then appeared to seduce him after which everyone turned into a wolf and ran away

Andy Bellefleur has Alien Babies

After having a lot of babies with a Fairy Andy Bellefleur was seen sitting outside his cousin Terry's house.  Arelene was not too happy with his attitude and asked Andy to learn to take care of the babies himself.  Andy then confessed that he didn't expect this and he was worried about how he would be able to take care of the babies.

Arlene then consoled him by saying not to worry and that everyone goes through it at times to which Andy looked a lot more relived and joined her inside and learnt how to tie a diaper to the baby and Carried the baby around.


Sam had finally reached his workplace but had a spooky feeling someone was already present at Merlotte's.  It was eventually Lafayette who claimed that he was protecting his workplace.  Lafayette claimed that Luna was being shown on the Television and if he knew anything about it.  Luna's daughter then came towards Sam and told him she was Hungry and Lafayette told her he would get her something to eat.

Jason hitches a ride

Jason ran away from everyone and was on the road when he saw a car approaching towards him stop.  

He was helped by an elderly dude who said that he had a family at Bon Temps a long time ago as he lost them.  Jason also responded with the same and divulged a few more details.

All New Bill Compton

Jessica struggled her way along side Sookie to Bill 's house as they followed the tracks and eventually reached a balcony where Bill looked his normal self.  Sookie after looking at him asked him to stay where he was to which Bill responded by saying that he just wanted to talk.  Nora approached from the sky as she tried to kill bill but unfortunately couldn't, Eric also failed but Sookie managed to plant a rod from behind which bill was able to come out off.

Bill then asked if he could talk and said he meant no harm to anyone, Sookie asked him to prove it by leaving all of them alone but Jessica said she wanted to say with bill,   She almost attacked Sookie after which Bill asked them all to leave as per the wishes of Jessica.

Governors Plans

Governor made an offer to Miss Suzuki of the True Blood brand as her was ready for a partnership.  He said he would let her use an old iced tea factory free of charge to produce True blood.  He did all this so he could have revenue for his re election campaign.  Miss Suzuki happily accepted the deal.

Next scene saw Alcide getting intimate with Danielle rather than Rikki, Rikki was OK with it unless she remained his number 1 girl.

Fangtasia Shut Down

At Fangtasia in True Blood 16/06/2013, Tara tried to console Pam to get over Eric to which Pam said she could never imagine how hard it can get for people to stay apart when had been together for 100 years.  Just as Pam said that Tara would never be able to take place of Eric in her life, the governors men made their way and broke into Fangtasia as they said they were there to shut down their business.

Pam tried to persuade them but was unsuccessful, this obviously angered Tara who asked the security to get the gun off her or she would rip his head apart.  The guard then had a shot at Tara as she fell to the ground.

Eric's invitation to Sookie's house rescinded 

In one of the most emotional scenes Eric was seen walking along with Sookie at her old house which was now owned by Eric.  Eric spoke about how he imagined Sookie as a girl with the white dress.  While inside the house Eric asked for a pen and paper and poked himself and wrote back a deed to give back Sookie's house.  Sookie then said Eric that she wanted to get her old life back again and wanted to be that girl in white which he was speaking about because of which she was rescinding Eric's invitation to her house.

Outside, Nora asked Eric plans about Bill to which Eric responded by saying they will need to find his weakness.  Nora then asked him if they could use the fairy girl to which Eric said to leave her out of this and told they should also stay away from her.

Nora soon realised and told Eric that he was in love with Sookie and that even though she didn't knew bill's weakness she definitely knew Eric's.

Bill showers his love on Jessica

Jessica told bill how she felt when he summoned her to which he responded by saying he never meant it and he asked her to be with him and keep him honest and also claimed that he didn't know what or who he had become.

Who is Warlow?

I am sure most of you would have found something fishy about Jason's ride with a stranger.  The stranger told Jason that no one can keep Sookie away from Warlow to which Jason asked how did he know his sister's name after which  the stranger asked jason who he thought he was, Jason now realised that the stranger was Warlow and put a gun on him and took a shot but all of a sudden he  disappeared after which Jason tried to control the car through the steering wheel.

Bill's Hallucinations

Towards the end of True Blood episode that aired on 16/06/2013, Bill had a few hallucinations that were pretty vague.  He was then drawn towards his living room where he saw three different kinds of Lilith, all of whom went inside his body. That's it for the show and my recap.  Hope you Enjoyed it.

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