The Voice 04/06/2013 - Results and Recap

The Voice 04/06/2013 - Results, Recap and Review

Tuesday Night Voice that aired on 4th June was a results show that was about to Reveal the top 5 from 6 of America's most loved singers.  The night was expected to be amazing considering almost all the singers got very good reviews from the judges last night.  Read on for the complete Voice 04/06/2013 Results along with the recap and review of the show.

Note: Spoilers included below

The Voice 04/06/2013 Results and Recap

The main concern on the voice episode on 04/06/2013 were the teams of Usher, Adam Levine and Shakira as they had only one singer left and couldn't afford another hit but luckily for them it stayed that way throughout the night.

Before i go ahead and reveal who got eliminated , lets take a closer look at the performance reviews of each contestant as it happened on Tuesday Night.


The episode kicked off with Usher's Michelle Chamuel and Shakira's Sasha Allen singing 'Open Your heart.'  Their solo performance was mighty impressive and was an apt beginning to an episode which was more than likely expected to end on a sad note with tears in someone's eye.

Michelle and Sasha's performance was followed up by the winner of the Season 3 'Casandra Pope' who sang the song "Wasting all these tears" which was a single from her upcoming album which is expected to release during Fall.

The Swon Brothers and Holly Tucker were the next to perform at The Voice 04/06/2013 as they sang the song 'Leave in Pieces' by The Wreckers.  There brothers really have it in them as their chemistry throughout season 4 has been phenomenal.

The final performance of the night came in the form of Danielle Bradbery from Team Blake and Amber Carrington from Team Adam as they performed to 'Eternal Flame' and made everyone around them realize why they were in the Top 6.

Now comes the big reveal.  So, Who got eliminated at the voice 04/06/2013?

Well i am sad to say it was Holly Tucker who bid her farewell to the grand stage as the results went against her.  She was a great singer, so hopefully we would still get to hear her often, below is the entire list of who got through.

Who Got through

  • Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher)
  • Sasha Allen (Team Shakira)
  • Daniel Bradberry and The Swon Brothers (Team Blake)
  • Amber Carrington (Team Adam)

It will be interesting to see how the contestants will perform during the next week's semi final episode as the pressure will now really be on them. That's it for my recap, hope you enjoyed it.

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