The Voice 17/06/2013 - Recap and Review

The Voice 17/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Voice episode that aired on 17/06/2013 saw three singers who still remained performing.  This was either a make or break episode for these lovely singers as a lot depended on the outcome of their performance on Monday Night if one of them needed to be crowned the next champion.  Read on for the complete Voice 17/06/2013 Recap.

Note: Spoilers will be included in the recap below

The Voice 17/06/2013 Recap

The Voice 17/06/2013 kicked off with all the four coaches teaming up and performing to the song "With a little help from my friends" by The Beatles.  The chemistry of all three together was superb, i wouldn't mind buying a track which features three of them if it ever happens, i mean the performance was that good.

The Top three singers on the other hand performed to "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic  Zeroes along with the other contestants of Season 4.

The Voice 17/06/2013: The Swon Brothers Recap (Team Blake)

The first song the Swon Brothers  performed to at the Voice 17/06/2013 was the song "I can't tell you why" by The Eagles with Zack Swon on the baby grand while Colton Swon was on the guitar. Levine was impressed with their performance as he said "I was pretty critical of the last eagles tune you did, but i gotta say...You guys did an amazing job."

The brothers who have been fantastic and original throughout the season were then asked to sing Anne Murray's version of "Danny's song."  They once again were brilliant with Usher commenting about their performance by saying "You guys did it such justice, it's almost like i disappeared for a moment and we weren't here."

They then went ahead and performed to the tune "Celebrity" by Brad Paisley with their coach Shelton Blake.

The Voice 17/06/2013: Danielle Bradbery Recap (Team Blake)

Danielle Bradbery's performance on 17/06/2013  involved her giving an encore performance of "Maybe it was Memphis" by Pam Tillis.  Shakira said "You have gone straight to the vein of America, Atta girl!" Levine on the other hand claimed her voice was perfect and once again confessed that he was jealous that Shelton nabbed her at the Blind auditions.

Bradbery's next performance was "Born to Fly" by Sara Evans.  Once again her voice was superb and she ended up getting a few more heaps of praises from the judges.  Usher said "You, my friend, are definitely a special thing." Levine added "Your perfection is beginning to bore me at this point!"

She performed to the song "Timber, I'm falling in love" by Patty Loveless alongside Shelton onstage.

The Voice 17/06/2013: Michelle Chamuel Recap (Team Usher)

Michelle Chamuel first sang the song "I knew you were trouble" by Taylor Swift.  Her performance looked good and her voice looked fresh.  Usher had done a fine job in coaching/mentoring her.

The next song she performed on 17/06/2013  was "Why" by Annie Lennox.  Shakira praised her performance by saying "People should know that you're such a humble and sweet person, and when you have humility on one side and talent on the other hand, that makes the perfect recipe for long term success."

That's it for my recap, hope you enjoyed it. I will be back with the next recap tomorrow after the champion has been crowned.

What are your thoughts about the The Voice 17/06/2013 Recap, whom are you looking forward to win this year?


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